While we agree that no specific day is required to declare love for your father, it is nevertheless harmless to dedicate a day for the man who has always been the constant pillar in life.

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This Father’s Day along with pampering dad with some exclusive presents, gift him with the one thing that is most precious to him – your time.

And since, we are only a few days away from Father’s Days to do so some bumper planning, here are a bunch of ideas to get you started.

Treat him to a staycation at a natural retreat

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Get your dad to take a break from his laptop, phone and all his business meetings! Book a lovely staycation for some father-son/father-daughter bonding time in a natural setting, where you can both unwind and have time for some heart-to-heart conversation.

For booking ideas, check out these 8 natural retreats for a relaxing staycation.

 Get outdoorsy and go hiking

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If you and your dad don’t mind a little sweat, then hit a hiking trail with him, minus the ipod. You can select an easy one where you can take your own leisure time or challenge each other with a more difficult trail. Either way, a hiking trip is a great way to escape the city, keep fit and bond with each other.

Book him a private lesson

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While it is a dinner time conversation to discuss your likes and dislikes, how many of us are aware about our father’s hobbies? Get to know the man better and book him a private lesson for a hobby or an activity you know he nurtures a great liking for.

It could be a photography lesson with The Print Room, KL or a private cooking class with At 19 Culinary Studio. Whatever you select, make sure your big man relishes it the most.

Indulge him with a day of male grooming

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Photo courtesy of Truefitt & Hill Malaysia

Who says spas are only for mums? Treat your dad to a day of pampering and grooming. Begin by sending him off for a massage at a traditional Turkish Hammam Spa and follow it up with a hot wet shave at Truefitt & Hill. You can also book one of their manicures and pedicures to complete the grooming session.

Rekindle his inner child

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Gather around some of his closest friends and let them all go loose with a game of paintball perhaps? Or drive them out to a Go-karting track for some screams, shouts and cat-calls! If your dad doesn’t mind some adventure, plan a trip to an amusement park such as Sunway Lagoon or The Lost World of Tambun for ‘Daddy’s Big Day Out.’

For a great paintball experience, check out Xtion Paintball Park.

 Take a random road trip

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There’s nothing much better than a long drive to unwind and relax! Get into your car with your father, boot up your waze and off you go. With so many accessible routes to choose from you can select to drive upto Cameron Highlands for an afternoon tea amidst strawberry fields, Malacca for some Nyonya cuisine and history or make a road trip to Penang for some beach fun and the ultimate culinary adventure.

Head out for some tee time

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If your old man enjoys heading out to the greens once in a while, spend the day with him catching up and earning some pointers on the course. Fortunately, we in Kuala Lumpur are blessed with some of the most talked about golf courses and amenities. You can either choose to head out to your country club or make a trip to Langkawi for some tee-time at Andaman’s stunning golf courses.

 Invite him out for a special meal

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Do you think it might not be possible to take the entire day off? Then block the evening and take your father out for a special meal. With Father’s Day closing in soon, many restaurants are offering special menus crafted to suit the palatte of even the ‘grumpy man.’

Check out the special menu at Marini’s on 57 for an Italian affair or Marble 8 and SOULed Out for the hearty stake.

 Enjoy a drink at a speakeasy bar

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Escape the crowd and noisy bars and head out to a speakeasy bar or a cigar longue to enjoy a drink in the quiet with dad. Talk about economics, politics, business or just the well-being of your pets in a relatively plush environment, while nursing a hand-crafted cocktail.

Check out our list of must-visit speakeasy bars in KL.

 Plan the perfect relaxing evening for him

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Falling short of time to plan? Why not spend the evening with dad at home instead of rushing to make it in time for that reservation. Download his favourite movies, cook him a meal he enjoys, pour him a drink, arrange for board games and settle down for an evening of family time and bonding.

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