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When it comes to local fashion and designs, FashionValet is the one brand that resonates with a powerful impact.

The brainchild of popular blogger Datin Vivy Yusof and her husband, Dato’ Fadzarudin Anuar, this fashion e-commerce site soon catapulted to becoming Southeast Asia’s premier online shopping destination.

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To commemorate Malaysia’s 60th anniversary of independence, FashionValet has launched a #IAMHOMEGROWN campaign with the aim to instill a sense of pride and recognition for our incredible Malaysian talents.

“There is one thing that binds us together in this country, regardless of race, religion or political views: We are, first and foremost, Malaysians. In the spirit of Merdeka, the birth of #IAMHOMEGROWN aims to celebrate who we are, our contribution as Malaysians as well as to highlight those who have paved the way for us!” says Dato’ Fadzarudin Anuar, co-founder and chief executive officer of FashionValet. 

The #IAMHOMEGROWN campaign features more than sixty Malaysian icons from various fields and backgrounds, who have made a name for themselves in their respective industries. Some of the icons featured are actors such as Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina and Bront Palarae, stage personalities such as Harith Iskander, music mavens such as Joe Flizzow, fashion powerhouse Mimpikita and Khoon Hooi to purveyors of Malaysian cuisines, Datuk Chef Wan and Madam Kwan, among others.

“We are home grown and proud of it. Let’s celebrate our achievements, and wear them proudly!” says Datin Vivy Yusof, co-founder and chief creative officer of FashionValet. 

Scroll for images from the #IAMHOMEGROWN campaign. 

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Aireen Omar, CEO of Air Asia

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Aishah Sinclair, Radio Announcer

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Alia Bastamam, Fashion Designer

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Altimet, Rapper

andrew.jpg (original size)

Andrew Tan, Entrepreneur

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Bibo Aswan, Photographer

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Bront Palarae, Actor

cassey.jpg (original size)

Cassey Gan, Fashion Designer

chefwan.jpg (original size)

Datuk Chef Wan, Chef

chryseis-tan.jpg (original size)

 Chryseis Tan, Entrepreneur

Deborah-henry.jpg (original size)

Deborah Henry, Model and Social Activist

dian.jpg (original size)

Datin Dian Lee, Entrepreneur

elvina.jpg (original size)

Elvina Chua, Actress

 ernest-ng.jpg (original size)

Ernest Ng, Comic Book Artist

ezzati-amira.jpg (original size)

Ezzati Amira, Fashion Designer

fadza.jpg (original size)

Dato' Fadzarudin Anuar, CEO of FashionValet

hanis-zalikha.jpg (original size)

Hanis Zalikha, Entrepreneur

harith.jpg (original size)

Harith Iskander, Comedian, and Dr. Jezamine Lim

 hunny-madu.jpg (original size)

Hunny Madu, TV Host and Rapper

the-innai-group.jpg (original size)

The Innai Team, Fashion Designers

izara-aishah.jpg (original size)

Izara Aishah, Actress

Jamidah.jpg (original size)

Tengku Jamidah, Businesswoman

 joe-new.jpg (original size)

Joe Flizzow, Rapper

kayda.jpg (original size)

Kayda Aziz, Singer and Songwriter

 khir.jpg (original size)

Khir Khalid, Makeup Artist

khoon-hooi.jpg (original size)

Khoon Hooi, Fashion Designer

kulet.jpg (original size)

 Aina Syahira and Julie Anne Kang, Founders of Kulet

 madam-kwan.jpg (original size)

Madam Kwan, Chef and Businesswoman

Marion-caunter.jpg (original size)

Marion Caunter, Entrepreneur

melinda-looi.jpg (original size)

Melinda Looi, Fashion Designer

min.jpg (original size)

Min Luna, Celebrity Stylist

miss-nina.jpg (original size)

Mizz Nina, TV Host and Fashion Designer

 mk-(1)-(1).jpg (original size)

The Mimpikita team, Fashion Designers

nad-neesa.jpg (original size)

Nadiya Nisaa, Actress

 najwa.jpg (original size)

Najwa Mahiaddin, Singer

nelissa-hilman.jpg (original size)

Nelissa Hilman, Shoe Designer

nh.jpg (original size)

Nurita Harith, Fashion Designer

 nora-and-ned.jpg (original size)

Entrepreneur Nedim Nazri and Actress Nora Danish

nurul-izzah.jpg (original size)

Nurul Izzah, Politician

reshmonu.jpg (original size)

Resh, Singer and Songwriter

reza.jpg (original size)

Reza Ramli, Deal closer for KLFW

rita.jpg (original size)

Rita Suraya, Model

 RR.jpg (original size)

Rizman Ruzaini, Fashion Designers

sab.jpg (original size)

Raja Nadia Sabrina, Founder of Aere

saleha.jpg (original size)

Siti Saleha, Actress

sean-lee.jpg (original size)

Sean Lee, Actor

sereneshentel.jpg (original size)

Sereni Linggi and Shentel Lee, Founders of Sereni & Shentel

 sharizat-final.jpg (original size)

Tan Sri Shahrizat, Politician

shawn-lee.jpg (original size)

Shawn Lee, Beatboxer

shikin.jpg (original size)

Shikin Gomez, Model

tengku-azura.jpg (original size)

Tengku Azura, Actress and Model

tiara-jaq.jpg (original size)

Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina, Actress and Film Producer

 tini-(1).jpg (original size)

Tinie, Model

ttfga.jpg (original size)

TTFGA, Fashion Photographer

tuti.jpg (original size)

Tuti Noor, Model

vivy.jpg (original size)

Datin Vivy Yusof, Co-founder of FashionValet

yiulin.jpg (original size)

Ung Yiu Lin, Founder of ShoesShoesShoes

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