Having the rare opportunity to get a peek into Puan Sri Sharon Chua’s art den is truly an amazing experience. As she leads me around her home on a short tour, it quickly becomes evident that art is found in abundance in every nook of her home.

The Chua family’s penchant for tasteful art is on another level.


One of the highlights of my tour is definitely witnessing Puan Sri Sharon’s latest collection of artistic endeavours, a series of calligraphy depicting 2017’s symbolic Chinese zodiac – the humble rooster.


While there are many artworks of the rooster hanging on the walls of her calligraphy classroom studio, the largest artwork adorning the back of the classroom really stands out.

It depicts nine roosters perched on red bamboos crowing to welcome the sun in the early mornings.


Puan Sri Sharon also shows us another one of her favourite pieces hanging in the main living area of her home. At a glance, the first thing that jumps at the viewer is a brood of hens cheekily playing mahjong.

Observe the painting a little longer and you begin to see little nuances that really bring the artwork to life – with some chickens advising the others playing the game, a pair teaming up in hopes of winning as well as other hens in the background cheering the players on.


The gracious Puan Sri tells me that she started this passion of hers about 13 years ago and hasn’t stopped since.

Every year, as the zodiac changes, she draws new artworks themed around the animal of the year and designs table centrepieces, brush calligraphy artworks and table place mats for use in her home.

The generous lady also loves to give friends and family her best artworks in hopes that her pieces would liven up their homes for the year ahead.

Puan Sri Sharon Chua also shared her family recipe for Yee Sang in the Chinese New Year menu at The St Regis KL.

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