Describing himself as a romantic painter with a series of drama brewing in his head, 27-year-old Yeoh Choo Kuan is an abstract expressionist who cleverly includes hidden narratives and metaphorical expressions into his works.

Artist Yeoh Choo Kuan at work.

He is Rimbun Dahan’s resident artist for the month of June, through a collaboration with Richard Koh Fine Art.

“My paintings are like me,” he says. “…Often plain at first glance but full of emotions and with a penchant for destruction, only if you look close enough. I am inspired by the courage to get lost to expect the unexpected.”

Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, oil and lacquer on canvas with custom wooden frames, 160cm x 134cm, 2015.

Choo Kuan’s creative process has always been very instinctive and physical, especially in constructing and deconstructing materials. He builds a body of paint that captures the nuances of the human body and then proceeds with destructive execution by fleshing out the canvas with paint.

Angela Hijjas, Rimbun Dahan’s arts programme director, finds this gifted young artist to be at an interesting stage of experimentation having graduated only a few years ago.

He Took off His Skin for Her, oil and lacquer on canvas with custom wooden frames, 160 x 134 cm, 2015

“I find his exploration of colours particularly engaging and his preference for abstraction in painting allows one to look and enjoy without having to seek a meaning other than the sheer beauty of composition, texture and colour,” she concludes.



(Photos: Puah Chin Kok and Rimbun Dahan)

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