brushedbysmoke.jpg (original size)Brushed by Smoke I (2012-2013), acrylic on canvas, 152.5cm x 152.5cm

Sometimes we find beauty in the unlikeliest of places and for artist Fauzan Omar, he found it in our annual haze crisis.

In his latest body of work, The Hazardous Beauty, the thought-provoking paintings and installations is an invitation to look at the haze through the prism of ideas and intensity.

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Fauzan takes the study of nature very seriously. In his previous works, he has delved deep into understanding the constant cycle of nature and its colourful patterns.

fauzanomar.jpg (original size)Fauzan Omar's process oriented works often focuses on nature and layered paintings.

“Nature is a complete self-supporting system. Flowers and leaves wither, dry up and crumble; and decomposition and decay produce new life. Diversity, growth blossom occur where new forms emerge. It later touches penetrate, overlap and intermixes with different segments,” he mulls over.

Here, he says, it’s important to extend our understanding of the aesthetic experience to include our rational awareness of the beautiful and the less rational awareness of the expressive power of nature.

burntwood.jpg (original size)Charted by Fire (2017), burnt wood, 75 sticks of different sizes.

“It’s the concept and scope of beauty which I find in these topics to manifest my art.” Many aspects of his work are about being drawn to new situations and seeing the possibilities and seeking the meaning.

While working on this particular exhibition, his biggest challenge was relating the artworks to one another and creating a certain outcome within their set up, without losing the overall meaning of hazardous beauty. 

“My work is a simple desire to make people aware of the particular problems and issues surrounding haze. These artworks will help us to remember, it will speak of our time.”

Fauzan Omar’s The Hazardous Beauty runs until May 3 at Wei-Ling Contemporary.

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