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Thank the tech gods for Instagram! I can barely remember a time before the visually driven social media platform filled hours of my day (when I’m not working, of course) with hilarious comics, dazzling fashion, poignant political views, and attractive art.

There are of course people posting about their happenings, but if that’s all you use Instagram for, it’s time to diversify your feed; these Malaysian artists offer just the way.

We tapped Joee Cheong to provide the artwork for our heart-melting Valentine’s Day love notes. Her unique watercolour art brought life to the heartfelt messages with a touch of floral flair as well as a unique take on the galaxy beyond. 


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“It's really quite hard to define the style of my art,” says Joee. “I don't have a specific style as it has evolved over time but I like to focus on the details, colour choices and combinations.”

Believing that innovation is more important than creativity, Joee doesn’t just put her passion and lifelong interest in art to curating a stellar social media account, but also helps nurture other budding Malaysian artists through workshops.

“Everyone can pick up a brush and learn a skill if they want to but transferring knowledge and skills to others takes much more than just being a good artist,” says Joee. “I wanted to conduct workshops so that I can transfer these skills to others and make it as simple and easy for my students to pick them up.”

If you can’t find the time to support local artists by visiting your nearest art gallery, you could just as easily start by ‘following’ Joee and these 4 Instagram accounts.


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A new dawn 2016 Acrylic on canvas #painting #humanimal #swan #artshow #art #hrys

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Done. Siap. Finally. Proceed on another mountain.

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