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The makers of fine pewter since 1885, Royal Selangor is undoubtedly the only brand that has taken Malaysian craftsmanship to a global level.  

With stores in Kuala Lumpur, London, Dubai, Sydney, Toronto and Hong Kong; Royal Selangor never ceases to surprise with its range of innovative products, be it the latest Batman figurine or Star Wars collectibles.

We're currently obsessed with the 500GB external hard drive from Royal Selangor, a must-have gadget for connoisseurs of fine design.

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Combining sleek design with fine pewter detailing, the collection is available in three versions - the Sunburst, Parang and Weave.  

Sunburst puts a geometric spin on this popular design motif through a series of concentric circles. The Parang takes its cue from the parallel diagonal lines found on batik fabric while the vertical and horizontal blocks of the Weave are reminiscent of the signature mengkuang weave display at Royal Selangor.

3 lucky winners stand a chance of claiming the Weave 500GB hard drive from Royal Selangor (worth RM 950 each) by answering the question below correctly. 

This contest will end at 11:59 pm on August 28, 2017. 

Which hard drive collection from Royal Selangor takes its cue from the parallel diagonal lines found on a batik fabric?
Thanks for entering!

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