The festive season is in full swing, so much so that if you open your ears and pay really close attention, you can almost hear the jingling of bells, just floating over the horizon.

But now is no time to rest on your laurels, with just a week to the peak of the celebrations there is much to be done and much to enjoy.

Here are some suggestions for the weekend before Christmas-weekend:

RESERVE: Christmas buffet

Christmas feast.jpg(source)

If you haven’t locked down your Christmas feast yet, fret not, there may still be time to go. To help move things along, we’ve shortlisted 5 of the grandest Christmas buffets, to help feed your family, without you slaving in the kitchen.

PLAN: Family vacation


This time of year is also the perfect time for a family vacation. Of course, most of these are planned months in advance, but here are three cities for three-generation family vacations that may just inspire some spontaneity for a life well travelled.

DISCOVER: The Estate


The end of this year is also the best time to look forward to the next, or as The Estate, Bangsar South promises, the next 100 years. Stop by the BÖN Estates gallery this Saturday or Sunday and discover more about your potential future home in the 46-storey tower that overlooks the Bukit Gasing forest reserve.

SALE: Cortina Watch


If you haven’t yet gotten that special timepiece for that special someone, stop by Cortina Watch at Central Plaza for the last days of its Christmas sale. Open from 11am to 8pm, the sale ends on December 17. Visit them on Facebook to learn more.

SHOP: Best-selling books 


And finally, a 2-for-1 deal -- you have either: 10 books for you to read up on; or: 10 options for a thoughtful Christmas gift that will keep on giving. Browse through the list of Amazon’s 10 best-sellers of 2016, here.

Another idea: Look back at the year, celebrate the best moments and  brush off the worst. Here's our own review of some of the happiest and most memorable birthdays of the year.

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