The Lunar New Year is upon us so there is plenty to celebrate this weekend. But the traditionally Chinese celebration isn’t just confined to a single ethnicity, because this weekend, we all have reason to prosper and celebrate.

Here are our suggestions:



You may be cutting it thin, but there may yet be options for Chinese New Year dinners and lunches this weekend. Alternatively, snack all you want, and know that there are proper reasons for all that food.

EAT: New Openings


If you want something different to welcome the Year of the Rooster, try one of these new openings that offer all manner of meals to comfortably coast through the long weekend.

SHOP: Rooster watches

CNY Watches cover 800x492.jpg(source)

It wouldn’t be a special occasion without some special watches. Here are 5 commemorating the year of the fire rooster in fiery fashion. 

SHOP: Jewellery


A big part of the Chinese New Year, and nothing say prosperous more than gold. Here is a selection of gold jewellery for an auspicious 2017. 

SHOP: New stores


Sticking to the theme of ‘everything new’ here are 10 new stores to satisfy your inner shopaholic and welcome a year full of wealth to replace that which you will spend.


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