Very few occasions are bigger and happier than one’s wedding, and all 12 issues of Malaysia Tatler in 2016 covered plenty of big and happy nuptials. Some of them were celebrated last year and some of them this, but such is the magic of marriage, that they will always stay timeless.

This year saw many newlyweds like Joe Heng & Veronica How, Kelly Roza & Sazahan Yassin, Quzandria Nur & Alessandro Zulkarnain Ciaramaglia, and Aziq Arif Ariffin & Farah Liyana Osman sticking to tradition, in a grand way.

This year also saw several of our cover stars tie the knot – Darryl Foong & Melissa Lam, Amira Geneid & Cameron Priest, Zaida Ibrahim & Arif Zikri Azizi, and Marcus Teo & Juvene Goh in lavish ceremonies; some of them had more than one, in more countries than one too.

Other notable nuptials included that of Dato' Zaha Rina Zahari & Edward Chin, Vivian Lau & Daniel Lim, and one of our Generation-T creators, Andrew Chia & Katrina Ponnampalam.

This year also saw some of the blushing brides share the stories of their dream dresses; they include Melissa Lam in Enya Soo, Kelly Roza in Alia Bastamam, Katrina Ponnampalam in Wilka, and Amira Geneid in Zuhair Murad.