After a dreamy engagement last year, Amira Geneid and Cameron Priest finally tied the knot in a beautiful traditional akad nikah ceremony that features all the traditional resplendence  inherent to Amira’s culture.

Held at the bride’s private residence, it saw a congregation of the couple’s nearest and dearest, including Dato' Sri Farah Khan, Tan Sri Lee Kim Yew and Datuk Tracy Ong in attendance to watch Dato’ Robert Geneid give away his daughter’s hand to Cameron in an exchange of words before witnesses in the eye of God.

The ceremony continued with a series of customary proceedings, such as prayers, the exchange of rings and the blessing of the couple by the guests of honour.

The akad nikah wrapped on a lighthearted note as the couple participated in the makan nasi temuan ceremony, a ‘game’ where husband and wife race to feed rice to each other against time.