Before the onslaught of lemang, rendang and open houses festivities, everyone congregates in an orderly manner for the mandatory Raya family portrait. The same can be said for our high society friends, too – in their matchy-matchy baju raya, it’s an adorably rare scene, with every member in the same room.

Shout out to the families who colour-coordinated in pink, namely Angela Karto and Erwin Azizi, Malisse Tan and Azrul Izham, and Daphne Iking.

And then there are the ‘grown up’ kidsJesrina Arshad with her in-laws, Noor Neelofa and her siblings, and Nora Danish’s pillars of support.

Speaking of kids – so much preciousness in portraits by Marion Caunter, Lisa Surihani and Datin Vivy Yusof with their tiny tots.

Best of all are when three generations of family settle down for a snap – give it up to Mukhriz Mahathir and Zaida Ibrahim’s circle.