The world lost another great name last weekend with the passing of professional boxer and one of the most significant and celebrated sports figure of the 20th century -- Muhammad Ali. 

Fans the world over came out with an outpour of tributes, remembering him as not only a fighter in the ring and the face of life's hardest challenges, but also a man of eloquence whose quotes are often recited for motivation wherever it is needed. Our Instagram feed revealed many a fan as well, individuals who had their lives touched by the boxer when he stayed in Malaysia for a few months fighting Australian boxer Joe Burgner in 1975.

Nina Karina Azman was among those who shared personal photos of her family with Ali. Ali was brought to Malaysia  by Nina's grandfather Datuk Harun Idris (then the Menteri Besar of Selangor). 

Shaznin Azhar also shared a photo --signed by the man himself --  of the boxer seated next to his late mother Datin Khatijah Jelani and holding his cousin Julia Kadir as a child in his lap.