Love was in the air (and flooding our Instagram timeline) earlier this week, stirring a host of sentiments ranging from heartwarming to envy. Instead of flashy done-to-death candlelit dinners, our society friends employed creative and unconventional ways to enliven the day of love.

Distance and busy schedules weren’t barriers for Stephanie Chai, who received a bouquet of roses first thing at 7am ahead of her 7.30am meeting, while Benjamin Yong received a pair of cheeky bananas in lieu of flowers.

Yong Mei Fong celebrated with a girls’ night out, while cute pair Marisa Soraya and beau Kuyim Naquiyuddin kicked it off bright and early at a spin class-themed birthday party.

It was a Valentine’s of firsts for others, such as Mah Kok Wah and Angelyn Chong who made their union official, and for Malisse Tan and husband Azrul Izham who ushered the occasion as first-time parents.

Scroll through for warm, fuzzy feelings. 

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