Dato' Bernard Chandran and Datin Mary Lourdes Chandran saw to it that their youngest child and only daughter, Thanyakumari Chandran, was celebrated with a traditional Indian coming of age ceremony before she left home to further her education in New York come September.

Guests like Datuk Ramli Ibrahim, Datuk Tracy Ong and Thanya's brothers, Tanzanite, Trunan, Tanestrran and Terimunite were among the small-knit group present to witness the colourful celebration that's steeped in culture. 

Dato' Bernard  insisted on having the ritual to preserve what he can of a tradition that's fast disappearing with the pace of modern times  as well as to share with his non-Indian friends the beauty of the occasion, where a young girl's transition into womanhood is celebrated with much pomp and ceremony.