From classmates to soulmates, the 10-year courtship between Syanas Yasmen Datuk Radzali and Sheikh Imran Iskandar finally culminated in an unforgettable wedding.

They had met in high school and despite their parents’ thoughts that it was nothing more than puppy love, it amounted to so much more than that. As the bride's mother, Datin Salmah Radzali, had said during her speech at the reception, “Little did I know, this one was here to stay.”

Nearly a decade of friendship has blossomed into a lifetime together, and these high school sweethearts are now husband and wife.

The night was filled with much laughter and heartfelt joy, especially with how close-knit the family and guests were. As guests busied themselves outside with photo-taking prior to the event, the ceremony began with the bridal entourage’s grand entrance through the grand staircase of The Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur, before they proceeded to the lavish and extravagant pelamin.

As prayers and a wonderful dinner followed through, guests were delighted when out stepped Malaysian jazz sensation and performer Noryn Aziz, as she belted out euphonious and beloved jazzy tunes that added to the cheerful ambiance of the entire night.

A video of the couple's nikah was also played at the reception, which was followed by a truly luxurious Indian-style colourful celebration, with both bride and groom donning traditional costumes and dancing the night away.

Covered by: Kathlyn D'Souza
Photos by: Shaffiq Farhan