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Homegrown pewter manufacturer giant Royal Selangor is on the fast track to world domination.

After premiering a Star Wars collection last year which sold out in no time, it got busy almost immediately after with a continuation of its global retail expansion with a new store in Queen Victoria Building (QVB), the iconic shopping destination in the hear of Sydney’s CBD. 

In line with QVB’s contemporary spirit with a focus on local and international cuisine fashion, food, art, jewellery, and most importantly, unique gifts and antiques, Royal Selangor fits perfectly in offering up its signature pewter items ranging from pewter giftware to modernist tableware, personal accessories, home décor and ornamental designs. 

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That’s not all, it made its mark in Vietnam as well with a store in Ho Chi Minh City with another slated for opening end of this year. Saudi Arabia also got some pewter goodness in Al-Khobar. 

This adds to Royal Selangor’s already long list os standalone stores in top retail capitals around the world, including London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Beijing, Melbourne and Sydney. Its products are also carried by top department stores such as Wako in Japan, Harrods in London and Hudson Bay in Toronto.

Log on to the official website here for more information. 

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