With an excellent location that’s just at the periphery of Kuala Lumpur city, the new EPIC Luxe Homes @ Sentral Residences – set to be opened later this year – is all about posh, sky-high living.

Each unit is the epitome of class, comfort, convenience and cool. With unparalleled views of the city, 50m salt-water infinity pool, spacious gym area, Jacuzzi, sauna, mini theatre and other top-notch facilities; EPIC Luxe Homes is a development that stays true to its name.

Do we even need to mention how amazing the location is? It's smack-dab in the city’s most important transportation hub with the Nu Sentral mall, hotels and office spaces all located a stone’s throw away. And right next door, is the coolest neighbour one could ever ask for – the St Regis!

epic1.jpgThe four-bedroom suite boasts stylish touches in every room.

epic2.jpgAlso on display during the sales gallery launch, beautiful atmos clocks by Jaeger-LeCoultre.

epic3.jpgSpace is key component of EPIC Luxe Homes @ Sentral Residences.

At its new sales gallery in Platinum Sentral, every detail of the deluxe four-bedroom unit is carefully recreated by keeping the spirit of luxury living alive. These units – located between level 46 and 53 – are still available for sale. 

Space is of the essence and apparently the extensive living space can comfortably accommodate 80 people. And to proof the point, the developer put together a launch party to acquaint the unit to potential investors.

Held in partnership with luxury Swiss watch manufacturer Jaeger-LeCoultre, guests also oohed and aahed over the celebrated timepieces and atmos clock on display while savouring champagne and canapés.

Image consultant and fashionpreneur Bon Zainal was also sharing grooming and suiting up tips at the party.

For more information on the property, visit SentralResidences.com.

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