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The New Wave

Fadza and Vivy: Meet the dynamic duo revolutionising the business of fashion

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Fashioned for Each Other: Three fashionable dups who complement each other not just in life and love, but in fashion as well.

We shortlist six dating apps for you to have a go at romance.

Five restaurants to sample contemporary Malaysian cuisine in the Klang Valley.

Puan Sri Siew Yong Gnannalingam's grand 70th birthday celebration.

We get up-close with the founders of Sangkaya ice-cream and The Luxe Nomad.

Darren Ow and Katrina Leong celebrated their nuptials in a memorable ceremony.

Beef may be the main star at Yakiniku Toraji but its supporting cast help to make this establishment a rousing culinary parade.

Nothing says chic quite like a muted colour palette, minimal lines and an attitude of total effortlessness.

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