An avid traveller understands that there’s always a right time and a wrong time to travel, but sometimes for some places, there’s a right time and a better time.

When it comes to traveling north to Thailand, there isn’t really a wrong time, but for an experience like no other, the best time for a vacation would be during Songkran. Between 13 – 15 April, the celebration of the Thai New Year is a time for the Thais to clean out the old in anticipation for the new; that used to mean a simple cleansing bath with water. However, this act of cleaning has resulted in the metamorphosis of a sombre traditional practice into a full-blown street carnival.

Today, Songkran is better known as the Water Festival, where for three days (and then some) locals and tourists alike fill the streets all across the country to spray, squirt, shower, and bathe each other with water using pails, water guns and even the good old water hose.

But Songkran is also a time when Thailand becomes gridlocked making sight seeing a difficult task. So, in order to give you the best of both worlds, we’ve compiled a list of the best hotels to keep you luxuriously comfortable on the days you choose to stay dry.

Dusit Thani Bangkok

Starting with the capital, Dusit Thani Bangkok is located in Silom, a nightlife centre of Bangkok. For the three days, Silom Road is closed to traffic making it a much safer location for the water celebrations. (swipe left for next page)

137 Pillars House, Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai, Tha Pae Gate is a hotspot for the Water Festival. Located just five minutes away from it is 137 Pillars House. Even with its exquisite dining options, you may never want to leave the comfort of your room. (swipe left for next page)

Royal Wing Suites & Spa, Pattaya

If Pattaya is where you choose to celebrate Songkran, then take the chance to celebrate like a king at the Royal Wing Suites & Spa. 5-star luxury at its finest; it allows guests to slide from the busy streets to peaceful seclusion as and when they choose. (swipe left for next page)

Samujana, Koh Sa Mui

Although Koh Sa Mui is remote from where the majority of the Songkran celebrations take place, Samujana Villas is holding a special ‘Songkran Eve’ event. Guests will get to dine in an enchanting atmosphere before being a part of a water festival of their own. To find out more, visit their website.

Looking for a break a little closer to home? Experience the luxury of Tanjong Jara Resort.

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