Luxury jeweller Tresor Paris has launched a set of dazzling hand-crafted Christmas crackers featuring white diamonds.

Almost £1 million worth of gems have been incorporated into the six different designs, with Tresor offering the recipients the chance to have the diamonds set into a piece of jewelry of their choice.

The most valuable gem in the set is a 3-carat pear diamond valued at £247,000 (approx. RM1,573,397), and the least valuable is a 3-carat oval worth £113,000 (approx. RM719,813).

The crackers are designed and hand-made by the long established House of Crackers who especially selected exotic paper sourced from India, super sheer ribbon from Cheshire, poinsettia flowers, and goose feathers for these extremely elegant creations.

The crackers are available from, priced at £995,000 (approx. RM6,338,179).

If Tresor Paris isn't what you're after, maybe the people from Tiffany & Co can help you.

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