Think Tiffany & Co. and there are a few iconic designs that immediately come to mind. For us, the Tiffany Victoria collection, the Tiffany T bracelets, and of course, the key to most hearts, the Tiffany Keys, will always be among the favourites.

More than just signatures, these styles have come to be associated with legendary styles of the most powerful women throughout history who have worn them.

This autumn 2016, Tiffany & Co. is putting a face to each of its iconic design with its ‘Legendary Style’ campaign, done in collaboration with the fashion visionary Grace Coddington.

Four celebrity talents known for their unique style and point of views have been hand-chosen by Coddington to personify the timeless appeal of four equally iconic collections of Tiffany & Co. Shot by celebrated fashion photographer David Sims, each woman is allowed to share her interpretation of her legendary style that reflects both her style and identity.

Lupita Nyong’o

Actress Lupita Nyong¹o wears a Tiffany T square bracelet and Tiffany T T....jpeg(source)

Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o’s strength and vibrancy that she time and again unfailingly brings to the silverscreen are echoed by the Tiffany T Square bracelet alongside Tiffany T Two rings.

Elle Fanning

Actress Elle Fanning wears a Tiffany Keys pendant and a Tiffany Metro ri....jpeg(source)

Actress Elle Fanning – young and ambitious with an endless world of possibilities before her – is given the key to a brilliant future with a Tiffany Key pendant and a Tiffany Metro ring.

Christy Turlington 

Christy Turlington wears Elsa Peretti® Diamonds by theYard(R) necklace, p....jpeg(source)

Maternal health advocate  and model Christy Turlington effortlessly exudes elegance through her signature style that pays tribute to simplicity, synonymous with the Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard as well as the new Tiffany T Square bracelet with diamonds.

Natalie Westling

Model Natalie Westling wears Tiffany solitaire diamond earrings and Tiff....jpeg(source)

Free-spirited and independent, the bold beauty of model Natalie Westling, who is currently making waves in the glitzy landscape of New York City, is captured with the Tiffany solitaire diamond earrings and Tiffany T Two rings. 

Watch the individual video for each woman at the official Tiffany & Co. Youtube channel here.

(Source: TIffany & Co.)

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