Weddings, on their own, are magical enough of occasions, but when it’s a destination wedding, you and your guests alike are transported into a different realm altogether where novelty paints everything in an additional haze of love and the foreign culture lends it a touch of exoticism.

Such was the case for  producer Sepideh Haftgoli and television host and actor Max Loong, who, being avid travellers themselves, knew they wanted a destination do to celebrate their union.

Khayangan Estate in Bali, Indonesia served as the beautiful backdrop to the exchanging of vows of the even more beautiful couple. Blush, cream, light yellow, white and gold painted the grounds for an elegantly dreamy garden ceremony and dinner reception that had all their guests still talking about it weeks after the wedding. 

It was an intimate occasion held to the theme of 'Travel' complete with passport invites for guests, flight attendants receiving them upon arrivals and more. Click through the gallery below to relive the occasion. 



Sepideh Haftgoli and Max Loong knew they wanted a travel themed wedding because both are avid travellers who spent the last 3 years of their courtship traversing the globe.



The entire wedding was planned remotely from Los Angeles by Sepideh. Being a perfectionist, she wanted a wedding that was interactive so it'll be a memorable occasion for both the two of them as well as their guests.



Max is a TV presenter, actor and host who flies often around Southeast Asia and Switzerland as well as the owner of a resort in Bali called Hidden Hills Villas. 



Sepideh is a producer with a Juris Doctorate degree in entertainment. 



Lighting was something Sepideh was very particular about because, being a producer, she knows how it can affect the ambience of the entire wedding.



Sepideh's first impression of Max was that he was extremely handsome, "en exotic mix of Malaysian and Swiss, and very confident. I love confidence in a man and that stood out."



Max found her "very attractive and completely his type", but what made him fall in love with her was "her kind heart and how she cares and feels for others." 



"We both make each other laugh and can be completely ourselves, goofy and silly around one another without having to think twice!" Sepideh adds. 



Sepideh spent an entire year researching and coming up with ideas for the wedding, an effort she says is completely worth it.



Blush, cream, light yellow, white and gold painted the grounds for an elegantly dreamy garden ceremony and dinner reception with spectacular views of the ocean.



No cost was saved to materialise Sepideh's dream wedding that included passports for invitation cards, PAN AM stewardesses at the "check-in" desk and boarding passes to help guests find their seats. 



Sepideh wore a stunning haute couture gown by Inbal Dror for her big day.



At night, things got even dreamier with fairylights, candles and oversized paper flowers that looked like they were growing from the ground.



Fireworks were also part of the itinerary, going off in the middle of the couple's first dance as husband and wife.



The highlight was the traditional kechak dance by no less than 30 dancers who swooped out of seemingly no where during intermission.



Countless videos, heartwarming speeches and hilarious anecdotes by friends and loved ones kept happy tears flowing throughout the rest of the evening.



Bali couldn't have served as a better backdrop for the beautiful wedding of Sepideh and Max that had their guests talking about it weeks after.

(Photos: Katie Grant Photography)

Bali was also the chosen destination for the wedding of Zaida Ibrahim and Arif Azizi.