Gourmand Deli

Jalan Pantai Beringin, 07000 Langkawi, Malaysia

T: 049606666




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Date of review: December 20, 2016 | Reviewed by:


An extension of L’Orangerie, Gourmand Deli is the go-to outpost for a late lunch or a casual tête-à-tête over cups of fine coffee or tea. Glass showcases filled with tempting oven-fresh breads, dainty entremets and pastries, and handmade Valrhona chocolate pralines are topped off by rotund glass containers of colourful macarons.

The menu is a succinct contraction of L’Orangerie’s with signature staples like St. Regis burger and nasi lemak with butter lobster topping the list of ‘must haves’. Light openers to whet the appetite range from freshly made sandwiches to Asian starters such as Vietnamese rice paper rolls. The latter come prettily presented; each translucent roll stuffed with shredded greens and fresh herbs, carrot and sliced prawns complemented by a zingy dip on the side.

Malaysia’s perennial favourite of nasi lemak goes luxe with two show-stopping accompaniments: a whole rock lobster grilled and topped with buttery egg floss and delectable Wagyu beef cheek rendang. The inherent sweetness of the king of shellfish is amplified by the flossy, savoury tufts of egg and butter while the meltingly tender beef also ticks all the right boxes in terms of texture, flavour and spice quotient – a rare feat few resort chefs succeed in pulling off.

The strength of its local culinary prowess gains further traction from the delicious serving of fried banana fritter balls (cekodok) served with a glass of foamy teh tarik. These dainty fritters boast more mashed banana than flour, which goes a long way in enhancing their sweet appeal.

Although the outlet doesn’t have a dedicated wine list, the resort’s extensive wine list is yours for the picking. Whether it’s a rare vintage or a perennial favourite, every grape expectation can be duly met by the vast collection of Old World and New World wines cellared at the Decanter Wine Bar.