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Digest 10 Places To Reward Mom With A Sweet Treat

10 Places To Reward Mom With A Sweet Treat

Mad Hatter Desserts
By Tien Chew
May 08, 2018
She's been there for you whenever you needed her, so it's time to pay mom back with a little sugar-laced treat. It doesn't have to Mother's Day for you to show mom some gratitude after all. There's nothing a delicious cake, tart, croissant or ice-cream cookie sandwich can't do to make her day all the sweeter.

1/10 Encore

Encore Cafe
Photo: Courtesy of Encore

Known for their delicious Australian-inspired contemporary French pastries, that goes well with a cup of flat white, this Taman Desa patisserie has been serving up sweet treats since 2013. Encore does a mean chocolate mille-feuille, fruit tart, and eclair, among a wide array of pastries that will please the whole family.

2/10 The Prep Room

The Prep Room
Photo: Courtesy of The Prep Room

While this Sri Hartamas café serves an assortment of fusion eats, its unyeasted waffles, that come with either chocolate and banana or peanut butter, is a hit with the neighbouring folks. Besides having an array of cakes on display, The Prep Room also has a small selection of desserts dedicated to the humble chocolate brownie and a homemade peanut parfait made with rum soaked raisins and dark chocolate.

3/10 The Westin Kuala Lumpur

Prego, The Westin Kuala Lumpur
Photo: Courtesy of The Westin Kuala Lumpur

To celebrate every family's first lady, Italian restaurant Prego at The Westin Kuala Lumpur will be throwing a 'bubbalicious brunch' with unlimited servings of Moët & Chandon alongside more than 100 food items, from antipasto and fresh seafood on ice to specialty pizzas and wood-fired pizzas. To make this treat even better, mothers will dine for free when eating with 3 full playing adults. And did we mention unlimited desserts? Find out more at the hotel's official website.

4/10 MadHatter Desserts

Mad Hatter Desserts
Photo: Tien Chew/Malaysia Tatler

Named after the bespectacled self-taught pastry chef Marcus Low, MadHatter Desserts is a contemporary patesserie that serves an impressive range of locally inspired sweets. There's the watermelon and asam boi tart, a coconut mango and pineapple treat, or even the intriguing passionfruit and miso tart ready to tempt you through the display the minute you walk in, but wait until after seven for true magic – plated desserts. The kedondong dessert, as pictured above, is just one of the inventively awesome creations by Low and his team. 


5/10 Brown & Sugar

Brown & Sugar
Photo: Courtesy of Brown & Sugar

Talk about pretty looking cakes and confectionery and Brown & Sugar may pop up in the conversation. Floral themed cakes, beautifully crafted chocolate pralines, and enticing tarts are just some of the specialities of this dessert shop. This mother's day, they even have an assortment of special offers designed to put a smile on mom's face.


6/10 Dotty's Pastries & Coffee

Photo: Courtesy of Dotty's Pastries & Coffee

It's in the name, so you know they mean business when it comes to pastries and all sorts of sweet indulgences. If you've got a craving for modern Malaysian sweets, you'll be happy to try desserts like onde-onde croissant doughnuts or salted egg yolk cruffins (croissant-muffin). Definitely a sugar haven, Dotty's Pastries & Coffee over at TTDI will be a great place to bring your mom for a gratifying tea time treat.

7/10 Swich Cafe

Swich Cafe
Photo: Courtesy of Swich Cafe

Publika has no shortage of coffee shops, but Swich Cafe stands out for its expertly made decadent cakes and tarts. While there are more classic choices such as black forest, the baker's more eccentric offerings that incorporate local fruits and ingredients really steal the spotlight. Just a teaser of what we mean by eccentric, try their salted egg French vanilla cheesecake.

8/10 Miss Ellie Tea House

Miss Ellie Tea House 2
Photo: Courtesy of Miss Ellie Tea House

Quaint and charming with a Victorian aesthetical edge, Miss Ellie Tea House at Taman Melawati serves a selection of fine teas and coffees to go alongside classics like cream puffs, panna cotta, fruit tarts and more. If you're looking for a unique tea house, this place fits the bill.

9/10 Bowery Petit

Bowery Petit
Photo: Courtesy of Bowery Petit

As the old American adage goes "the bigger the better", Bowery Petit's monster shakes, cake pops and cookie ice cream sandwiches stay true to their American roots with treats that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. Although a wide range of sugar laced treats are available, the restaurant's pizzas, burgers and hot dogs will also keep you coming back for more.

10/10 Foo Foo

Foo Foo
Photo: Courtesy of Foo Foo

Taman Tun Dr Ismail seems to be a mecca for desserts, with Foo Foo cafe rocking up the scene with homemade ice creams and plated desserts. You've got all your dessert groups covered, from crème caramel to semifreddo and everything in between. The place is also good with children and with bigger groups, so that's a win-win for everyone, especially this Mother's Day.


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