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Drinks 4 Essential Things You Need To Make Your Next Party A Smash Hit

4 Essential Things You Need To Make Your Next Party A Smash Hit

4 Essential Things You Need To Make Your Next Party A Smash Hit
By Tien Chew
May 17, 2018
Taking a look back at the unveiling party of our Generation T 2018 list, we notice 4 key reasons that played an important role in making our party a huge success. Ensure your next party has these crucial qualities and it'll be one to remember.

1/4 Smashing Cocktails

Hennessy Summit and Melon cocktails
Hennessy Summit and Melon cocktails

Every great party needs an effective social lubricant to liven up the scene and well crafted cocktails will most definitely do the trick. At our recent Generation T party, two delicious drinks stole the scene – Hennessy Summit and Melon.

The first cocktail features a simple yet effective mix of Hennessy VSOP, lime zest, slices of fresh ginger for spice and lemonade to round things out. Hennessy Melon, on the other hand, retains the same cognac base as the first cocktail but switches the focus on acidity for a mellow sweetness, namely melon syrup, that's supplemented with fresh lime juice, soda water and a slice of lime.

Easy to drink and refreshing beverages will keep your party going and your guests' mood in good spirits long into the night.

2/4 Jazzed Up Classic Games

Hennessy pong
Hennessy pong

Including a game in your party, especially a popular one, can be a great way to spice up the scene. But instead of settling on the classics that you know will work, introduce a spin that will remix the way your guests approach these games. Case in point, our Generation T party saw a different spin on beer pong, substituting the beer part for Hennessy cocktails to raise the stakes. It proved to be so popular that even our 2018 listers got in on the action.

3/4 A Sporting Host

Introducing tasty tipples and a bunch of fun games into your party doesn't necessarily spell success. It may take awhile for your guests to warm up but you as a host can get the party started by taking the lead. Get them to craft their own cocktails, take a picture in a photobooth or even surprise them with a musician for a great way to involve them in the party.

4/4 Good Company

Probably one of the most important aspects of any good party is forging a well rounded invite list. Having a great mix of people on the invite list will ensure that your guests will get the chance to mingle outside their usual group. Moreover, they will have the opportunity to forge new friendships, rekindle old ones and have a bunch of fun doing so in between.


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