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Digest 5 craft beer bars to raid for your next happy hour

5 craft beer bars to raid for your next happy hour

5 craft beer bars to raid for your next happy hour
By Karmun Ng
November 10, 2016
Get educated or go on an adventure at these craft beer places if beer is your poison of choice no matter what the occasion.

Little make for the answer to so many of life's woes like beer.

Got a promotion? Celebrate with beer. Just got dumped? Drown your sorrows with beer. Disappointed over the recent presidential election results in the States? Talk out your feelings with -- you guessed it -- beer. 

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While slow on the uptake, Klang Valley is nonetheless surely warming up to craft beer, the smaller labels brewed by smaller, non-mechanised and non-commercial breweries. They offer a bigger variety in terms of type and flavour and trying them all is an activity worthy of an entire weekend by itself. 

Here are 5 places to give it a go. 



PAUS Craftbeer Bar in TTDI looks east to stock their bars, offering beer connoisseurs a taste of what microbreweries from down under and New Zealand have to offer. Newcomers are also invited to join “the new wave” and ride this tippling whale through the torrent of over 50 flavourful beers available. Learn more on their Facebook page.

The Great Beer Bar

The Great Beer Bar.jpg(source)

Craft beer and warm, laidback environment set The Great Beer Bar up to be Damansara Uptown's next It watering hole. Add a dedicated kitchen offering more than just your typical bar bites (think fried pulled beef dumplings and baked prawns in place of your typical pork belly and pigs in blanket) and we know where we'll be spending our weekend nights the next time we're in the area. Follow them on Facebook here.

TAPS Beer Bar

TAPS Beer Bar.jpg(source)

One of the first craft beer places to spring on the map, TAPS Beer Bar is still holding its ground strong thanks to its rotational beer on tap concept, providing every visit with something new to sample. More reasons to visit: live bands playing the best hits from the 70's through the 90's will bring you a nostalgic walk down memory lane. Find them here.

Ales & Lagers

Ales & Lagers.jpg(source)

When you finally find this beer boutique nestled in the less frequented parts of Publika, get ready to be spoiled for choice by its offerings -- bottles, labels and types of all shapes, colours and design is a prelude to the beer adventure you're about to embark upon. THe offered range is constantly updated too so there's always something new to try. Locate them here.

Gold Bar

Gold Bar.jpg(source)

In case you didn't get the hint, liquid gold (aka beer) is the drink staple of choice here but it also serves up a selection of wines for the vinos. On its menu, it is introducing what it is calling 'a beer dining experience' which pairs beer with food much like how one would do with wine so if you love your beer and you love options, this is the place to be. Pop by here. 

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