5 Dessert Places In Bangsar You Shouldn't Miss


June 20, 2017 | BY Tien Chew

Bangsar is fortunate to be one of those neighbourhoods where all the latest and greatest cafés, restaurants, bars and specialty places tend to set up shop.Here are latest 5 places to have your dessert and then some:

Photo: Courtesy of Tiny Temptress

Tinie Temptress

Calling themselves an artisanal patisserie and having a presence since 2013, Tiny Temptress specialises in macaroons and petite geteaus, although they do have a broader portfolio. Situated on Jalan Telawi, more information can be found on their Facebook page here.

5 Dessert Places In Bangsar You Shouldn't Miss
Photo: Courtesy of VCR 

VCR Bangsar

Hailing from Bukit Bintang, popular café VCR has now opened their next branch in Bangsar. With an impressive list of delectable cake offerings and a selection of tantalising aromatic coffees to go with them, what else do you need? Click here for more information on Facebook.

Photo: Courtesy of The Pantry

Jaslyn Cakes

Well known in the neighbourhood for their delicious sweet treats, Jaslyn Cakes is almost a household name in Bangsar. Not to be missed, try their superb peanut butter cake and you'll surely be hooked. Find out more info here.

5 Dessert Places In Bangsar You Shouldn't Miss
Photo: Courtesy of Wafflemeister Malaysia

Wafflemeister Malaysia

When one thinks about waffles, one also thinks about dessert. Wafflemeister is such a place, offering handmade Belgian waffles using a trade secret originating from the 1950s. Waffles are baked freshly in-store daily and paired with an array of sweet things imaginable. Checkout their Facebook page for more info.

Photo: Courtesy of The Good Co.

The Good Co.

Proving that desserts can be healthy as well, The Good Co. boasts on-the-go creations that use all-natural ingredients free of preservatives, additives, artificial colourings, artificial flavourings and refined sugar. Their products range from oats jars and cold pressed Juices to smoothie bowls and granolas to name a few. Read up on them here.

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