5 dine-in specials at Morelli's to awaken the child in you


March 14, 2017 | BY Jessica Liew

Come for the gelato, stay for the dining experience that covers all manner of cravings from sundaes to milkshakes.

edit IMG_0028 copy.jpg (original size)There’s always a good occasion for ice-cream – good day or bad day, that scoop of creamy goodness is the best kind of treat or therapy.

But on your next Morelli’s pitstop for the regular cone or cup of gelato, we suggest you 'hold your horses' and instead, take a seat and reach for the menu.

By now, ice-cream lovers would be familiar with Morelli’s beloved brand of flavours like caramel, coffee, pistachio and Nocciola, freshly churned daily. 

Crafted to evoke the earliest of childhood memories, Morelli’s dine-in menu offers a lip-smacking experience that covers all manner of indulgences, from luxurious waffles to eye-popping sundaes. Within the menu, you’ll be spirited on a delicious voyage through a range of pleasurable creations (If calories are a concern, we’ll come to that part later). 

Put down the cone and consider these are the five ways to properly savour the gelato that’s brought joy to five generations and counting. 

Sundaes edit newHot Fudge Sundae copy.png (original size)

Why settle for one scoop when you can choose a few of your favourite? Morelli’s serves up sundaes like a Berry Pavlova, Knickerbocker Glory and Hot Fudge sundae, enticingly assembled in an Italian glassware jar, and lavishly sprinkled with toppings like fresh fruit, nuts, wafers, chocolate drizzle and whipped cream. Abandon all trace of guilt – the gelato’s milk-based and vegetarian-friendly recipe makes it a healthier alternative to ice-cream, is easier to digest and contains less fat too. 


edited Waffle 2.jpg (original size)Leave it to Morelli’s to win hearts with warm, crisp waffles topped with a couple of scoops of gelato.  Morelli’s nails comfort and joy with their waffles topped with your choice of gelato flavours, your preferred sweet and savoury toppings ranging from fresh fruits, crunchy garnishes, and finished with a thick chocolate sauce. Then enjoy the textures dancing in your mouth… 

 Affogato edit DSC_1968.jpg (original size)

Some like coffee on its own, but who can refuse the coffee-based beverage drowning with a scoop of vanilla gelato? Combine the dual forces of caffeine and cream and you’re in for an elegant and soul-warming dessert featuring Italian-roast coffee for the adults. 

 Decadent drinks  edited20150905-DSC01904.jpg (original size)

If you prefer a lighter alternative without compromising on Morelli’s gelato specialty, opt to sip on one of their many decadent drinks list. From milkshakes to flavoured lattes, hot chocolates to sorbetto cocktails, ‘spoilt for choice’ is an understatement. Coffee lovers will adore gelato shots and children, the decadent thick Italian hot chocolate, just to name a few.  

 Seasonal specials edited IMG_0076.jpg (original size)

Now and then or on the occasion of special holidays, Morelli’s is known to pull several new flavours out of its hat. Regulars are attracted to the weekend’s pistachio gelato, or the weekly ‘surprise’ specials featuring local flavours like pandan, cendol, Milo Horlicks and teh tarik – depending on the season. If you’re lucky, you’ll encounter their more creative concoctions like cotton candy, black sesame or cheesecake! 

 Love Morelli’s so much, wish you could take it home with you too? You can with their gift-wrapped litre packs that make for bulletproof gift ideas. Their gelato cart for events and parties are sure to be a hit too! 

 Connect with the brand at their official site or visit their outlets in Bangsar Shopping Centre or Empire Shopping Gallery.