5 Restaurants That Jazz Up Your Favourite Cuisines


November 29, 2017 | BY Tien Chew

Think what you know about your favourite banana leaf, Italian or Japanese restaurant and throw it out the window. These places break cuisine tradition and introduce new ways to enjoy familiar favourites.

Photo: Courtesy of Foremula


Creative agency Forefront's first foray into the F&B line, hence the play on the restaurant's name, expect Instagram friendly cafe vibes, inventive dishes (like the crabby patty featured above) and good coffee. The restaurant also features a pasta twist on laksa, a kimchi teriyaki burger and more interesting combinations. Learn more here.

5 Restaurants That Jazz Up Your Favourite Cuisines
Photo: Courtesy of Anneh


This non-halal banana leaf eatery takes an unfamiliar ingredient in Indian cuisine (pork) and puts it front and centre. What then follows is pork vindaloo biryani, wild boar curry, devil rib pork curry and many more porky creations. Definitely worth a visit to break your usual banana leaf ventures. Find out more here.

Photo: Courtesy of Bella by BIG

Bella by BIG

Freshly cooked Italian fare is the focus here, with deliciously rich foods the likes of octopus bruschetta, chilled French crabs and homemade gnocchi and breads to sate your appetite. Located in Bangsar, this food haven aims to offer dishes not normally found in typical Italian restaurants in KL. Discover more here

5 Restaurants That Jazz Up Your Favourite Cuisines
Photo: Courtesy of Bocosan Izakaya

Bocosan Izakaya

Modern Japanese food rules the roost at this izakaya that's not really an izakaya. Whereas a traditional izakaya is like a bar, typically serving yakitori skewers and small bites to accompany alcoholic beverages, Bocosan changes that up with authentic yet inventive dishes, like their bone-in short rib ramen. Checkout more here.

Photo: Courtesy of Baan Rao

Baan Rao

How about yellow curry crabs with egg or pork noodles served in a liver broth? Or spicy pork belly curry and tom yum hot pot instead? Baan Rao serves non-halal Thai food with an emphasis on flavourful cooking, giving those looking for delicious foods they had in Thailand a spot to fill their cravings without the need to travel out of the country. Find out where to get your fix here.

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