5 Things We Learned Clinking Glasses With Martell's New Malaysian Ambassador


November 5, 2018 | BY Tien Chew

Jean-Baptiste Gourvil comes to Malaysia to promote one of Pernod Ricard's crown jewels – Martell cognac.

Bubbly and eager to teach just as much as he is to learn, Jean-Baptiste Gourvil's new position as Martell's ambassador in Malaysia is his second stint with Pernod Ricard.

He first joined the well known French spirits company after graduating, but his career saw a turn that took Gourvil to the Czech Republic, where he worked for two years in the beer industry. By chance, he was offered his current position as ambassador to Martell in Malaysia and he lept at the opportunity.

Meeting Gourvil for the first time in Pernod Ricard's Malaysian office, he invited Malaysia Tatler for a tasting flight of cognacs while we get to know the good natured individual.

The Nature Of The Job

"I'm currently trying to understand what are the weaknesses we have so I can figure out what and where I need to focus my energy on. After understanding this better, then I can move on to having masterclass programs for consumers and bar staff so I can show them how Martell is different from the competition," says Gourvil. 

The Hardest Thing About The Job

"The most difficult part of my job is also the most interesting one, which is to adapt to a new country's culture. There is a lot that I need to learn so that I don't make any mistakes. That's something I wouldn't want to do," he says.

The Best Way To Introduce Someone To Martell For The First Time

"The best way is to bring them to Cognac, France. I mean, we can hold a tasting for them, explain the process and they will have a rough idea about what cognac is and how we make it. However, if I bring you to France, and put you right in the middle of the vineyards in the distillery, you will have a full understanding of the process and you will build emotions. And then when you return to your country and have a glass of cognac, you will always be reminded of the smells, the memories and the flavours you had in France," explains Gourvil.


Education = Appreciaton

"I want to bring a little bit of the French spirit to Malaysia and increase the public's knowledge on this historical brand and cognac. It's not only about drinking Martell, it's also about educating the people on our whole story. Cognac is back at the front of the bartending scene and I would like to bring it to more cocktails in Malaysia," says Gourvil.

What He Thinks Of Malaysian Drinkers

"Malaysia is a big market for us and Malaysian drinkers are really eager to learn about what they are drinking. They are willing to learn and I am here to bring them this knowledge," says Gourvil.


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