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Drinks 6 Malty Milo Cocktails In KL And Surrounds

6 Malty Milo Cocktails In KL And Surrounds

The Vault. Photo: Khairul Imran / Malaysia Tatler.
By Samantha Lim
By Samantha Lim
January 07, 2019

Named for Milo of Croton, a 6th century BC wrestler famed for his Herculean strength, Malaysia’s favourite chocolate malt powder has found its way from our mamaks to the bars.

FUN FACT: Our "Malaysia Boleh!" motto can be credited to a catchy Milo campaign that aired during the 1998 Commonwealth Games, much in the same way that Santa Claus is depicted in red thanks to Coca-Cola.

Photo: Knowhere Bangsar.
Photo: Knowhere Bangsar.

Bacon Milo
At Knowhere Bangsar

Inspired by childhood breakfasts of bacon sandwiches and warming mugs of Milo, the Bacon Milo is meant to bring a smile to your lips as you recall the innocence of youth… and regale in the alcoholic pursuits of adulthood.

Instagram: @knowherebangsar

Photo: W Kuala Lumpur.
Photo: W Kuala Lumpur.

Milo Kaw Kaw
At Wet Deck, W Kuala Lumpur

Always aspiring to be a little different, Wet Deck serves its Milo cocktail in a copper mug accompanied by a ladyfinger dipped in kaya.

Instagram: @wkualalumpur

Photo: Khairul Imran / Malaysia Tatler.
Photo: Khairul Imran / Malaysia Tatler.

Milo Dinosaur
At The Vault

Not the Milo Dinosaur you grew up drinking, The Vault’s version includes Kraken Spiced rum for a kick and Frangelico for a nutty aroma. Shaken, not stirred.

Instagram: @thevaultkl

Photo: Tujo Bar-serrie & Grill.
Photo: Tujo Bar-serrie & Grill.

At Tujo Bar-serrie & Grill

Served in a (you guessed it) martini glass, the Milotini contains whisky, cinnamon syrup, milk, and a generous heap of Milo.

Instagram: @tujobarandgrill


Milo Ais
At Signature at The Roof

A triple threat—you can be sure of that! Milo might be the main ingredient in this cocktail, but rum, Baileys and Kahlua help liven up the party.

Instagram: @signatureattheroof

Photo: Locker & Loft.
Photo: Locker & Loft.

At Locker & Loft

Two ingredients are all it takes to craft this cocktail. We wish we could say it was love and tender care, but it’s really vodka and Milo. Thrown together by Deepak Gill for his house parties some 12 years ago, the perilously potent drink goes down easy. Way too easy.

Instagram: @lockerandloft


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