For The Love Of Yum Cha: 8 Must Try Dim Sum At Grand Harbour


May 16, 2017 | BY Tien Chew

The perfect representation of Cantonese cuisine, dim sum caters to everyone. Here are 8 quintessential dishes to try at Grand Harbour.

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Everybody loves dim sum. Anyone who claims to love Chinese cuisine should know that the centuries-old tradition of drinking tea and eating bite-sized pieces of steamed dumplings, fried yam puffs or creamy egg tarts is one of the best things to originate from Cantonese cooking.

With countless varieties of dishes to order, there is surely something for any eater of any kind.

In celebration for our love of this classic food, here are 8 quintessential dim sum dishes to try at Grand Harbour restaurant, a place that has become a favourite for local dim sum aficionados.

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Crispy shrimp with red rice roll is a dish that takes a classic and adds a different visual take on it, infusing spices, contrasting textures and delicious flavour in one complete package.

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Taking dim sum know-how and fusing it with local produce, Grand Harbour's durian puff presents the king of fruits in a crispy and creamy parcel, all while managing to pretty it up by styling each puff into a swan.

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Classic down to a tee, this honey BBQ pork pastry is definitely a must have. Crunchy, savoury, sweet, nutty and incredibly gratifying when washed down with a cup of hot tea.

Hong Kong Style Steamed Custard Quicksand Bun.jpg (original size)

Yet another fan favourite, the Hong Kong style steamed custard quicksand bun fills a soft bun with tangy and rich salted egg yolk for pure umami pleasure. Not further commentary needed.

Lotus Seed Bun.jpg (original size)

Following the restaurant's style of marrying classic dim sum dishes with new visuals, this steamed piggy bun adds cute aesthetics to the traditional lotus seed paste offering. Don't be fooled by its cuteness though, for its insides is filled with an appetisingly sweet paste.

Pork and Shrimp Dumpling.jpg

This legendary dumpling is the very definition of the word. The pork and shrimp dumpling is a beloved dim sum dish, marrying sweet prawn with succulent pork to create the ultimate dumpling. 

Shrimp Dumpling.jpg (original size)

Yet another classic, shrimp dumpling is completely unpretentious and delectable. Sweet fresh prawn wrapped in a translucent dumpling sheet makes for a dish that should always be on your table.

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Tender and sweet scallop cooked until perfection and wrapped around crispy noodle like strings offers diners a great way to try the popular seafood.

Grand Harbour is located at Lot LG2-01 (01) & LG2-01 (02), Lower Ground Two, Fahrenheit 88, at Bukit Bintang. For more information, visit

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