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Digest A taste of the Big Apple slice at Mikey's Original New York Pizza

A taste of the Big Apple slice at Mikey's Original New York Pizza

A taste of the Big Apple slice at Mikey's Original New York Pizza
By Calvin Chong
May 12, 2014
From pizzas, buffalo wings and waffle fries, Mikey's in Bangsar has all you need for a true New York foodie experience.

5- IMG_7278.jpg - Mikey's Original New York Pizza, Bangsar
Barely a month into the business, Mikey’s Original New York Pizza has established its name as a promising up-and-comer in the KL food scene. So, we decided to head over to the famous joint for a slice of the famous New York pizza.

Founded by Michael Helfman with the help of renowned New York pizza chef, Andrew Bellucci, patrons at Mikey's are guaranteed to have an authentic New York pizza experience - complete with greasy hands and drooping cheese on a slice.

When you walk into the restaurant, warm, casual and rustic decor welcomes you, just like its New York counterparts. Walls are filled with scenic photographs of New York like the Knicks players, the Manhattan skyline to a simple hotdog stand on Times Square - all encased in dainty wooden frames.

Further inside, you will find a simple open-display of freshly made pizzas enticing you, right next to the cashier where you can make your order.

You will then be given a metal plate with famous New York streets embossed on it as your order number, varying from 5th Avenue, Wall Street, Bleeker Street to Broadway. After ordering, take a seat and your pizza will be served to you cordially, but if all seats are fully taken, there is also the option for take-away or in true New Yorker style, you can eat your pizza by the counter tops while listening to retro jukebox music.

2- A Classic (1024x683).jpg - Classic NY pizza at Mikey's Bangsar
For the classic lovers, try the Classic New York Pizza made with a perfect blend of mozzarella cheese and fresh tomato sauce over thin crust dough. The tangy tomato and fragrant cheese creates a light and fluffy flavour for the palate that leaves you craving for more - great as an appetiser for the night.

Another favourite at Mikey’s is the Bianca pizza or as we like to call it, the cheese extravaganza! This slice is constructed with four different types of cheese - cheddar, mozzarella, ricotta and goat’s cheese – and topped with black pepper and garlic, resulting to a gooey creamy goodness that ends with a tinge of heat on the bite.

4- A Tony Soprano1 (1024x683).jpg - Tony Soprano pizza at Mikey's Bangsar
The Tony Soprano is the perfect slice for the meat lovers. The pizza is made with a union of meatball mince, sliced steak and pepperoni, topped with roasted pepper and garlic garnishings and grated Grana Padano cheese. A caution to diners, this slice is not for the faint-hearted and only recommended for heavy weight eaters due to its meaty deliciousness that might cause severe damage to the waistline.

But, if pizza is not up your alley, the Philly cheesesteak is also another excellent choice to fill up your hunger. Juicy slices of steak, tangy roasted peppers and gravy are stuffed into a sandwich roll with a generous topping of cheese to create a satisfying bite for the diners.

6- A Buffalo Wings1 (1024x683).jpg - Buffalo Wings at Mikey's Bangsar
The famous Buffalo wings is a must-try dish at Mikey's. For these wings deep-fried with bread crumbs, patrons can choose between three levels of spiciness from mild, regular to extra spicy to suit their taste buds. Here, wings are made boneless to help customers indulge in the juicy meat without having to spend extra time dissecting the wing and staining their shirts with red sauce.

1- A Brooklyn (1024x683).jpg - Brooklyn waffle fries at Mikey's Bangsar
There are also the waffle fries that come in four flavours, named according to the five boroughs of New York – Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens and Manhattan. We recommend first timers to try the Brooklyn flavour aka ‘disco’ fries that are topped with melted cheese and robust steak gravy.

For the heavy-weight eaters, the Manhattan waffle fries are definitely recommended. The fries are served with a heavy load of sliced steak, caramelised onions, white cheddar cheese and ranch dressing. The crispy fries are drenched in zesty ranch dressing that balances off the meaty taste of sliced steak and pungent taste of white chedddar cheese. Juicy caramelised onions provide the needed sweetness to round off the flavours, making it a sweet and savoury wonder for the meat-loving diners.

3- A Egg Cream2 (683x1024).jpg - New York Egg Cream at Mikey's Bangsar
While desserts are not available in Mikey’s yet, the New York Egg Cream, a beverage originating from Brooklyn, is the perfect replacement for the sweet tooth. On the contrary to its name, the drink is actually a concoction of chocolate syrup, milk and soda water that gives a wave of bubbliness when it passes through the throat or in simpler terms, it is a carbonated chocolate milkshake. While some might find the taste odd, we do recommend that you try it at least once to truly experience the authentic flavours of the Big Apple.


Open daily for lunch and dinner, Mikey's Original New York Pizza is located at 17 Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru, 50490, Kuala Lumpur; Tel: 03 - 2202 0080.

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