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Digest B_G_R, An ‘Adults Only’ Burger Joint, Opens In Popular Piano Bar

B_G_R, An ‘Adults Only’ Burger Joint, Opens In Popular Piano Bar

B_G_R, An ‘Adults Only’ Burger Joint, Opens In Popular Piano Bar
Named after the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini, the Rossini Burger will make you sing (Video still: Goh Kwee Jin / Tatler Malaysia)
By Samantha Sowerby
By Samantha Sowerby
July 22, 2020

Started by the same food and music lovers behind Bobo KL, B_G_R was born in the throes of Malaysia's Covid-19 lockdown. "Bobo is taking a rest for the moment, but fret not! We want to keep the music going," says co-founder Edward Soo optimistically. "People naturally associated Bobo with a performance space and less so with dining, which is why I needed to carry out a total concept change."

B_G_R's selling point is two-pronged: "No other burger joint comes with original artwork valued at upwards of 200K." Soo casts a loving glance at his paintings as a parent would his children. "The second factor that we hope will bring customers back again are our delicious burgers."

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Because B_G_R's sister restaurants Cava, Leonardo's Dining Room & Wine LoftLucky Bo and Opus Bistro all serve solid steaks, it makes sense that the group is segueing into high-quality burgers. Blending two types of beef — Wagyu and Spanish beef — for their bovine patties, the team also shirks store-bought bread in favour of homemade buns. But fret not if you don't consume beef; chicken, fish and plant-based burgers grace the menu too.
As an offshoot of Bobo's, one of KL's best-loved performance spaces, B_G_R is musically-inclined. Several burgers, such as the Rossini and the P. Ramlee, pay homage to composers whose legacies live on today. Other dishes have equally intriguing histories: "Did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci was vegetarian?" shares Soo. "Hence the Da Vinci Burger. We use Naturli’, a Danish brand of vegan patties."

Similarly, another historic figure sets the tone for B_G_R's pescatarian burger: Calico Jack, a pirate caption who terrorised the seas in the Golden Age of Piracy (1718–1720), is immortalised as a fish sandwich with tropical accents — coconut cream binds the burger together with lettuce, pickles and a secret housemade sauce.

And because it would be too basic to serve their burgers with sodas, B_G_R has deliberately concocted different coolers flavoured with fresh fruit. But there's always the option of beer, bubbly and wine for the grown-ups.
TATLER TIP: BGR offers complimentary coolers with every order of a burger during lunchtime.

B_G_R | 65-1, Jalan Bangkung, Taman Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur | 03-2092 5002 | Daily, 12pm - 3pm, 5pm - Late

  • Videography Goh Kwee Jin


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