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Digest Celebrate Valentine’s at the top with Marini’s on 57

Celebrate Valentine’s at the top with Marini’s on 57

Celebrate Valentine’s at the top with Marini’s on 57
By Karmun Ng
February 11, 2014
It's the ultimate dinner-for-two accompanied by the most romantic panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur.

9- LG_013.jpg -


Marini’s on 57 needs no introduction as KL’s current swankiest bar and restaurant this quarter of the century. Boasting floor-to-ceiling glass windows that allow you an almost 360 degrees view of the city skyline, it is a popular destination for groups of businessmen and flocks of couples in love alike. One thing’s for sure, if you’re looking to impress, Marini’s will deliver in all food, ambience and service aspects of your dining requirements.

This Valentine’s Day, crack your head no more on where to bring your special someone. Marini’s Chef Federico Michieletto has whipped up a special Valentine’s menu that will match the beauty of the sunset you’re about to witness from your dining table as you tuck in and enjoy all 8 courses of his Valentine’s menu. 


1- Oyster, Creme Fraische and soils.jpg -
Intro: Oyster, creme fraiche and soils


For starters, whet your appetite with fresh oysters caught directly from the Belon river in France. Drizzled with lemon sauce, it is a burst of shellfish sweetness with its flavours turned up a notch by the sharp tang of the lemon. Sour cream sits on standby to mute the sourness as are baked potatoes coated in charcoal to add further dimension to the oyster. It is a feast for the eyes as much as it is for the tastebuds with its delectable presentation using all-natural and edible ingredients like caramelised persimmon, beetroot chips and sea asparagus.


2- CAPESANTE (2) copy.jpg -
Capesante: Compressed scallop, truffles terrine and pickled greens


Prepare your palate for something that’s enticing in both flavour and texture next. Compressed scallop is cut thinly and layered with slices of black truffle before the delicate masterpiece is topped off with succulent trout caviar. Every bite of the smooth and mild-flavoured scallop is contrasted beautifully with the more bitey texture and pungent aroma of the truffle for an incredibly fulfilling experience. 


5- Uovo E Caviali.jpg -
Uovo E Caviale: Poached Parisi world best egg, Sevruga caviar and fish mayonnaise


Enter a creamy and rich entrée next.  A poached Parisi egg, otherwise also known as the World’s Best Egg is served bruschetta-style on a square of toast topped with Sevruga caviar and fish mayonnaise. Chickens are fed a rich mix of milk and corn to lay the Parisi egg which yolk is a golden orange in colour. In Europe, it fetches a hefty price of one euro each,  but its pricetag is completely justified by the sweet, gooey-centred end result we get on our plates. Paired with the musk of the caviar and the brine of the fish mayonnaise, the egg transforms from plain albumein and yolk to a mouthful of explosive flavours that does not require chewing to swallow. 


3- Granchio.jpg -
Granchio: Alaskan king crab, comsomme clear soup and gingko nuts


A mild soup comes next boasting a generous chunk of Alaskan king crab sitting right in its centre. Bathed in a consommé clear soup, the stock is sweet from the crab, slightly tart from the tomato base in the soup and ends with fragrant bitter notes courtesy of premium Gingko nuts. Between the soft, springy flesh of the crab and  flavourful spoonfuls of soup that tastes almost herbal, it is a wonderful meld of Western and Asian influences illustrated in a single dish.


6- Zucchini Fiore.jpg -
Zuchinni Fiore: Fried zuchinni flower, Ricotta cheeses and almonds


The zucchini fiore that comes after that certainly looks as pretty as it sounds. Zucchini flowers come deep-fried in a light batter and sprinkled with edible gold flakes for a truly eye-catching first impression. But it is what’s inside that heralds the best surprise. Stuffed chockfull with mozzarella and Ricotta cheeses, every bite is a pleasant crispy and chewy combination, with the bulb of the zucchini flower leaving an almost perfumed aftertaste.


4- Aragosta.jpg -
Aragosta: Poached lobster, fine butter, cream and broad flat pasta


The best is yet to come. Poached lobster accented with only the slightest hint of fine French butter makes for a tantalizing sixth course. Thick and juicy, the sweetness of the lobster spoke for itself without the need for fancy sauces. Broad flat pasta that makes up the bed on which it lies doubles as a satisfyingly buttery side.


7- FILLETO D AGNELLO 2 copy.jpg -
Filetto D'Agnello: Lamb tenderloin Wellington and roasted potatoes


The best was saved for last. Lamb tenderloin Wellington filled in the red meat missing link to complete the whole dining experience.  Tender lamb done medium-rare will satiate any carnivorous appetites but what makes it stand out is the puff pastry wrapping it on the outside. Light, crispy and buttery, it melts in your mouth providing the perfect taste buffer before you are introduced to the juicy lamb cuts within.

8- Tu Mi Ami.jpg -
Tu Mi Ami: Chocolate hearts, vanilla beans gelato and fresh berries


Top the whole menu off with a dessert so playfully called “Tu Mi Ami” aka “You Love Me”. As Chef Federico puts it, it is meant for fun as much as it is for eating. Vanilla gelato is paired with fresh berries for a match of sweet versus sour made in heaven. Pink marshmallow and small cubes of brownies further accessorise the plate for added depth and flavours. If the sight of the fig jam swirled into the gelato alone does not leave you smiling, then the chocolate hearts made of a variety of milk and white chocolate will for sure, for more reasons than one.

Make your Valentine’s dinner more than just about food with Marini’s. Take your time and savour the sights, tastes and sounds in Kuala Lumpur’s highest fine dining establishment.


Marini's on 57 is located at Level 57, Menara 3 Petronas, Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. The Valentine's menu is priced at RM1,999++ for two persons with a panoramic table (by the window) and RM1,599++ for two persons for a centre table. For further information or reservation inquiries, please call 03 - 2161 2880 or or visit the official website at


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