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Digest A Surefire Strategy To Eating Your Way Through 16 Refillable Dishes At Strato

A Surefire Strategy To Eating Your Way Through 16 Refillable Dishes At Strato

A Surefire Strategy To Eating Your Way Through 16 Refillable Dishes At Strato
By Dian Pasquinal Kaur
December 14, 2017
If brunch is the one thing you look forward to every weekend, then you must pencil in Strato because second servings are now only one request away at this Troika Sky Dining eatery. Every item served at Strato’s Sunday brunch is refillable and there are about 16 dishes for you to savour to your heart’s content. The dishes are nicely apportioned into antipasti, pasta, mains, side dishes and dessert; and to help you get through this brunch experience, we have rated the dishes according to how much you should be tucking into.


Eat more: The chilled ricotta gnocchi, zucchini pesto is a tasty vegetarian choice that will delight your taste buds with refreshing flavours.


Eat enough: We like the flavours in the sunny side up, Italian sausage, feta cheese, mint and fava beans combo, it reminds us of our favourite Indian lamb dish.


Eat more: The baccalà stuffed courgette flowers fritti with coriander yogurt and tomato passata is outstanding. The saltiness of the cod is balanced off nicely by the cool coriander yogurt and we love the perfume from the flowers that linger on our palate.


Eat less: If you love tomatoes, then the stuffed sweet baby pepper with tomato ragu is just the thing you need to load up on your antioxidant fix.


Eat enough: The sweet and smoky grilled tiger prawn with arugula pesto and pickled pepperoncini is a simple dish big on natural flavours.


Eat less: The hearty eggplant rolled with buffalo mozzarella and anchovy is packed with the right combination of flavours and textures.


Eat less: Health freaks, this one’s for you: salt baked baby beet roots, stracciatella and pistachio granola.


Eat more: Trust us when we say this beef rib cappelletti in bone marrow brodo will go down as one of your best eats ever. The broth is intense but not overwhelming, and it screams comfort food at its best.


Eat enough: Satisfying is how we’d describe the black mussels, couscous, lobster brodetto dish.


Eat less: Two reasons why you should go easy on the perfectly pan-seared beef flank with oregano salsa verde. One, it’s so good you won’t be able to stop yourself. Two, if you load up on the beef, you won’t have enough space for the tiramisu.


Eat enough: Don’t let the unassuming look of this pasta fool you, the linguine with charred sweet corn is absolutely delicious.


Eat more: The roasted pumpkin glazed with maple syrup and herb chili butter is quite something else, the simple dish just exudes sweetness you can’t resist.


Eat enough: Acting as somewhat of a palate cleanser, the baby heirloom cherry tomato salad is refreshing and serves as a nice interlude before you dive into dessert.


Eat more: If you’re feeling the urge to heap on second servings of the candied hazelnut tiramisu, do not resist. The dish is perfect in every single way and is exceptionally satisfying for the soul.


Eat enough: The coffee and hazelnut cannoli is not cloyingly sweet and comes in the right fun size.


Eat less: By the time you reach the mixed fruit crostata, you’re filled to the brim and cannot take in another morsel but you must at least try it. The cake loaded with berry goodness is made with love and makes for a nice ending to your long brunch sesh.

The hearty Italian brunch with a view is priced at RM120++ per person. For reservations and other dining ideas, check out Strato At Troika Sky Dining's website here

(Photos: Dian Pasquinal Kaur)

  • Photography Dian Pasquinal Kaur


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