What’s inside the first Krug Chef’s Table in Asia


February 17, 2016 | BY Karmun Ng

Ever stepped into a room dedicated to all things Krug from the ceiling and tableware to a bespoke menu crafted by a specially appointed Krug Ambassade?


The dining scene in KL was abuzz with excitement when Enfin by James Won opened its doors back in January and rightfully so.

This isn’t just another restaurant launched by just any chef – it is a special space that comes with a private Hennessy Salon as well as Asia’s very first Krug Chef's Table, helmed by a chef who is a Krug Ambassade himself.

If the above information did not intrigue you, let us enlighten you as to why it should.

The Krug Chef’s Table is an invitation to a world that bestows its patrons with special dining privileges with the finest of Krug’s champagnes. More than just a fancy name, it is a manifestation of Maison Krug’s soul, offering select pairings of culinary delights and Krug champagnes, seen to personally by Chef James Won. 

Adding to the exclusivity is the fact that Enfin by James Won is the only place in all of Asia – and one out of only 6 in the world – to be part of this exclusive programme. The other 5 are scattered across Europe and America, namely in Guy Savoy (Las Vegas), Kinoshita Restaurant (Sao Paolo), Tim Raue (Berlin), Amber Room (Warsaw) and La Table Krug (St Regis Mexico City).

Here’s what you can expect when you book an evening with this first-of-its-kind dining experience. 

Intimate and exclusive


Enfin by James Won is a beautiful restaurant on its own but be prepared to have your breaths stolen when you’re ushered to the second floor and into a private cordoned off area that is the Krug Chef’s Table. Exclusive and intimate, it is made to house only about 20 guests, with seating planned along a long dining table that stretches from one end of the room to the other. Long as the table may be, those seated at one end will have no trouble at all conversing with the person seated at the other.

Rustic yet regal 


First impression presents a lot of wood, reminiscent of the warm genial air of Krug champagnes. Like the champagne, the space is not meant to be snobbish; it is simply an elegant room to celebrate a variety of occasions whether you’re looking at a graduation party or a golden anniversary celebration. It hits all the right notes with feeling classy and sophisticated, yet warm and welcoming at the same time – a place that you can enjoy the little things in life in a refined manner.

Dedicated to Maison Krug


No two Krug Chef’s Tables are the same, with each designed to express the personalities of their respective ambassades. But you will find a common thread amongst them: they are a place to enjoy the best of Krug champagnes. This extends not only to the food. In Enfin’s case, the ceiling and walls right down to the furniture and tableware were chosen to represent Krug’s spirit of being a champagne for any occasion. The diamond shaped tiles decorating the ceiling are inspired by the Krug logo and the lambent yellow light mirrors the golden exuberance of the wine. 

Bespoke menu for a one-of-a-kind champagne 


Upon securing a booking, you will be disappointed if you ask for a menu for perusal. Dining is a VIP bespoke concept here, prioritising champagne first. Each party will have a specially curated menu that differs with each visit, designed by Chef James Won himself. Rest assured you will be taken on an unrivalled epicurean journey that James Won has made a name for himself with. 

The Krug Chef’s Table at Enfin by James Won is VIP experience specially curated by Chef James Won and his culinary team. For more information on Krug Chef’s Table, log on to the official Facebook page here and for reservations, kindly contact +60 10 288 7920.

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