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Digest Is Coffee Not For Me?

Is Coffee Not For Me?

Is Coffee Not For Me?
By Marga Manlapig
September 27, 2017
10 tasty and healthy alternatives to keep you up, and stoked.

Caffeine not your thing early in the day? Power up naturally instead and give these a try:  

Green Tea

green tea.jpegWhile it does contain caffeine, it wakes one up without too harsh a jolt. Immune system-building antioxidants also stack up in its favour.

Whole Grains

oats.jpegNutty-tasting cereals such as oats and quinoa carry energy-boosting carbohydrates – the complex kind that sustain you through the day, not the type that makes your energy crash within a couple of hours.


food-peanuts.jpgWhether you’re munching a handful or blitzing them into a smoothie, these help boost your blood sugar and stave off afternoon slumps.

Lemon Water

lemon.jpegAside from a dash of Vitamin C, this aids digestion and keeps you from getting sluggish after a big meal.

Pomegranate Juice

pomegranate-fruit-flower-exotic-65949.jpegSipped on its own or mixed into shakes or smoothie bowls, pom juice packs a powerful punch loaded with antioxidants and vitamins.



Yes, we get it: the taste isn’t so appealing. But this green elixir gives you a natural boost that keeps you stoked from dawn to dusk.



Spicy ginseng tea stimulates one’s focus and concentration and has been keeping fatigue at bay for centuries.



Chewed as gum or sipped as tea, it aids one’s digestion while its fragrance and flavour wake up the senses.



Spicy and creamy, it is the perfect alternative to coffee for those seeking a stronger jolt during the day. The spices also supposedly boost immunity against common infections.



Often used as an alternative to chocolate, carob helps optimize how the body uses its energy and strengthens the bones thanks to a lot of calcium.



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