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Digest Japanese for a week: six restaurants for the next six days

Japanese for a week: six restaurants for the next six days

Japanese for a week: six restaurants for the next six days
By Tien Chew
February 21, 2017
Isetan The Japan Store in Bukit Bintang unveils their latest addition, a floor filled with quality fare to satisfy those looking for good Japanese food with six restaurants to offer a taste of premium Japanese Washoku dining, each specialising in different areas of Japanese cuisine.  For the uninitiated, Washoku cuisine is Japan’s symbolic traditional food culture and was selected to be a part of UNESCO’s cultural heritage list.

1/5 Toriden 

Japanese eatery Toriden opens its first outlet overseas, a restaurant that focuses on simple dishes to more dynamic dishes centred on the humble chicken. Be sure not to miss their signature chicken hot pot called mizutaki.


2/5 Tonkatsu Anzu 

Fans of deep fried pork cutlets, known as tonkatsu, can head to Tonkatsu Anzu to experience this popular japanese dish that uses aged pork cuts sourced from the Kyushu region in Japan and cooked with care using ingredients to enhance a traditional food.

3/5 Sushi Azabu

Sushi Azabu from New York City makes its first appearance in South East Asia with its award-winning Michelin-starred sushi. This establishment is touted to be popular with New Yorkers and celebrities alike.

4/5 The Tokyo Restaurant

The Tokyo Restaurant introduces modern Tokyo fare in what is also another first in the region. Classic cocktails and a healthy selection of wine at The Tokyo Restaurant will accompany contemporary Japanese cuisine at this this stylish new eatery.

5/5 Yakiniku Toraji

Lastly, Yakiniku Toraji from the popular district of Shibuya also makes its first debut in the country with premium cuts of beef cooked via the traditional Japanese BBQ method. Beef lovers will surely find a cut to their liking at this inviting food destination.

At the time of this writing, the sixth restaurant is expecting some delays and will open at a later date. Japanese chefs helm each one of these restaurants and aim to offer delicious specialised forms of Japanese food to Malaysians and tourists alike.

For more information, visit Isetan The Japan Store's official Facebook page.


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