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Digest Khushi Spice strips down to authentic recipes for food that speaks for itself

Khushi Spice strips down to authentic recipes for food that speaks for itself

Khushi Spice strips down to authentic recipes for food that speaks for itself
By Karmun Ng
July 10, 2015
Khushi Spice debuts with a new chef as well as a refreshed menu of authentic North Indian cuisine, stripped of fancy frills to present only original recipes that speak for themselves.

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Lovers of Indian food – North Indian food in particular – you now have a new place to satiate all your cravings for the best butter-garlic naan, rogan josh and mutton shahi korma with the opening of Khushi Spice, the latest addition to the list of restaurants in Feast Village of Starhill Gallery. 

Taking over what used to be Spice of India, it has now reopened with a new chef at its helm as well as a refreshed menu of authentic North Indian cuisine, stripped of fancy frills to present only the best authentic flavours and original recipes that speak for themselves.

All that set against a little nook that oozes warmth and a casual homely charm spells out an easy-going dining experience brought up a notch by highly attentive and polite waiters. Here’s what you have to order when you pay a visit next.

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Mango and mixed berries lassi 

It goes without saying that every Indian meal needs creamy, frothy lassi to to start it off. Apart from the staple mango lassi which boasts a nice balance of sweet and sour buoyed by fresh mango bits in its blend, Khushi Spice also has a mixed berries version that really makes up all the best elements of a good lassi. It starts off with an initial sweetness that melds into an invigorating sour centre, effectively opening up your appetite.

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Onion Bhaji

The onion bhaji is highly recommended as a hot appetiser while waiting for your main course. Be warned – you need to be very careful with it, as the onion slivers coated in besan-spiced breading and deep-fried to crunchy, fragrant chips are extremely addictive and will be  gone faster than you realise. Besan spice is the same blend that goes into making every Malaysian’s favourite muruku so imagine crunchy onion rings, laced with that unmistakable peppery aroma that is synonymous with Indian cooking.

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Chicken Tandoori and Naan 

Think naan and one thinks of a thick, chewy flatbread that is dense on the inside and powdery to the touch on the surface. Khushi Spice’s naan is more akin to a fluffy prata with the texture of layered tissue – light, thin and melts too easily in your mouth once consumed. This is due to the addition of eggs into the batter, giving it additional volume and creaminess. 

The tandoori accompanying it is equally as tantalising – a beautiful glaze gleams on the surface of meaty chunks of chicken. Cut open, the flesh is juicy and tender laced with a delicious spice from the red rub and just a hint of smokiness from its time in the charcoal-fire heat of the tandoor.

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Mutton Shahi Korma, Biryani Rice, Jhinga Curry Leaf

For something more solid, you can do no wrong with the biryani rice. Served steaming hot, every bite proves buttery and toothsome. 

The jhinga curry leaf is a star accompaniment for the biryani. The curry is unapologetically thick, efficiently coating every grain to lend a zesty and curried punch while inside, large medallions of prawns prove fleshy, springy and sweet.

Similarly the mutton shahi korma offers up unbelievably tender cubes of lean mutton in a buttery gravy. The mutton has lent the best of its flavour to the sauce, while whole cashewnuts contribute a nice nuttiness to the mix, both of which effectively draw out the intense aromas of the biryani.

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Rogan Josh

The star of the menu, we must say, is the rogan josh, a mutton dish cooked in a tomato-based spicy gravy. The tartness from the tomatoes really opens up the appetite for extra helpings while subtly adding a nice extra dimension to the gamey-ness of the mutton. Savoury with just a hint of spice, the rogan josh will be a dish that will appeal to a wide selection of palates because of its easy agreeability.

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Mango Kulfi, Gulab Jamun, Gajar ka Halwa

The plethora of flavours continues through in the desserts. Mango kulfi is nothing foreign in Indian cuisine but we’ve never had kulfi so wonderfully milky and creamy as with Khushi Spice’s. The dense, compact cubes of frozen mango milk prove velvety in texture with a solidity that borders on chewy.

The gulab jamun too is a sweet, milky and creamy affair, only served hot. Fans of Chinese tongsuis will like this Indian rendition of sweet candied balls swimming in a warm sweet soup.

The gajar ka halwa is stunning from sight alone with a vivid orange-y red colour. First taste reveals flavours that are as vibrant as its appearance –  the sweetened carrot mash retains all the floral notes of the root vegetable, added with a nice nuttiness from almonds. It is a highly satisfying dessert that coats the tastebuds with a pleasant sweetness coupled with just the right amount of bite.


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