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Digest Review: L’assiette’s New Menu Makes Therapy Unexpectedly Delicious

Review: L’assiette’s New Menu Makes Therapy Unexpectedly Delicious

Review: L’assiette’s New Menu Makes Therapy Unexpectedly Delicious
By Jessica Liew
By Jessica Liew
November 15, 2017
L’assiette delivers unrivalled tastes through a new, restorative menu christened La Therapie Culinaire, tailored for special diets and flavour palates.


Healing luxuries

Wellness and precious downtime are but fleeting snatches of luxury, these days. When the opportunity arose for a sojourn to dine at L’assiette, the restaurant of hilltop haven The Chateau Spa & Organic Wellness Resort, we were in for a modern-day indulgence for city dwellers.

Of the 7 new menus curated to themes like Strong Heart, Vital Brain, Protein Charger and Body Essentials, the Antioxidant Plate caught our fancy with its focus on vitamins A, C and E, minerals, and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. 


Protein-punched start

The four-course dinner began with a quail crusted with buckwheat, artfully presented with blueberry, mango chutney and spicy asparagus. Nuggets of chunky quail cooked to a delectable juiciness paired with a nutty, slightly crisped buckwheat. Wholesome and protein-packed, we were filled with a good dose of zinc and amino acids. The fruity relishes added a sweet and tart dimension, and the spicy asparagus contributed to the dish's textured complexity.


Heartwarming soup

A warming, nourishing sweet potato and cumin soup was presented with a flourish, poured into a bowl plated with carrot pillars, edible flowers and hazelnut foam. Even for tastes unaccustomed to the root vegetable, the thick spices and herbs of the creamy pottage are a delight, whilst stabilising metabolism and immune function with potent vitamins.

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Succulent mains

The main course was another profusion of colourful goodness: a pan-roasted seabass beckoned, atop a bed of nutty quinoa, butternut squash gnocchi, capsicum and gatlic infused tomato. Edible flowers boosted the plate’s vibrance and antioxidant properties. Each spoonful highlighted freshness, elevating the seared fish cooked to flaky precision.


Berry sweet

Pleasantly stuffed by then, the finale was sweet, minus the refined sugars. For the strawberry consommé dessert, mixed berries were gently boiled for 16 hours, resulting in a ruby-red reduction of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and folic acid and natural sweetness. The consommé was paired with fresh berries and a light, crunchy almond biscuit.

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