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Digest London’s Biggest Asian Food Hall Reveals The Growing Popularity Of Malaysian Cuisine

London’s Biggest Asian Food Hall Reveals The Growing Popularity Of Malaysian Cuisine

London’s Biggest Asian Food Hall Reveals The Growing Popularity Of Malaysian Cuisine
By Tien Chew
July 31, 2017
London's Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall recently opened, having a wide range of Asian cuisines that includes two Malaysian restaurants.

Photo: Courtesy of Bang Bang Oriental

With the recent opening of Bang Bang Oriental, a North London food hall that promises good Asian eats, the growing popularity of Malaysian cuisine gets some love on the world stage.

Bang Bang Oriental's food den is the biggest of its kind in London and features two Malaysian restaurants – Sukaria and Coconut Tree.

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Sukaria focuses on Cantonese, Hakka and Malaysian street foods while Coconut Tree will sell a more halal-certified traditional range of dishes.

Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisines will also be available.

Bourdain.jpg (original size)The chef himself travelling on his show | Photo: Courtesy of Anthony Bourdain Facebook

The modern food hall beat celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain to his much-talked about New York Bourdain Market, an ambitious project announced in 2015 to include the amazing foods he fell in love with during his extensive travels to Asia.

Various dining_news outlets have announced that Bourdain Market will include Sarawak laksa and nasi kandar among its 100 of the world's best street food selection.

While Bourdain Market experienced setbacks, the project is still set for a 2019 launch date and expectations are still high.

Hawkr.jpg (original size)Photos: Courtesy of Hawkr

In other international Malaysian food dining_news, our sister site Hong Kong Tatler recently reported that a promising takeaway South-East Asian focused eatery called Hawkr by three respected figures in the industry has just opened in Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.

The new joint will feature healthy options from Burmese, Vietnamese, Singaporean, Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines, with prawn popiah wrap making an appearance. Click here for the full scoop.

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