Malaysian Food Goes Mobile In America


August 21, 2017 | BY Tien Chew

The city of Seattle can now boast a Malaysian mamak on wheels.

Photo: Courtesy of

The good folks of Seattle have been able to enjoy Malaysian cuisine in the form of a food truck called Seattle Mamak for two and the half years now.

Serving classics like mee siam, nasi lemak, char kuay teow and roti canai, the yellow food truck decorated with a Jalur Gemilang is owned by Malaysian-born Cheang Yoo.

The mamak-on-wheels is one of the only few Malaysian food outlets in the city and serves at a specific spot during lunch hours.

Char-Kuay-Teow.jpg (original size)Seattle Mamak's char kuay teow| Photo: Courtesy of Seattle Mamak

According to a report by Seattle Times, Seattle Mamak started out of a restaurant called Malay Satay Hut that Yoo's family owned. The food truck idea came about when Yoo was trying to solve the issue of delivery costs and that of running a traditional restaurant.

It's great to see more Malaysians promoting their national cuisine as it becomes more internationally recognised and enjoyed around the world. Continue making us proud guys!

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