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Drinks Martell's 6 Dos And Don'ts To Get The Most Out Of Cognac

Martell's 6 Dos And Don'ts To Get The Most Out Of Cognac

Martell's 6 Dos And Don'ts To Get The Most Out Of Cognac
By Tien Chew
August 23, 2017
Whether you're a beginner or an experienced cognac drinker, brush up on your knowledge with tips from Martell's cellar master.

Moodshot.jpg (original size)Martell Cordon Bleu Intense Heat Cask Finish Limited Edition | Photo: Courtesy of Martell

Malaysia is the second largest market for Martell Cognac globally, so it's safe to say that we Malaysians know how to enjoy a glass of good cognac.

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Martell recently unveiled the latest addition to their family – Cordon Bleu Extra – and invited Malaysia Tatler for a tasting and a chance to speak to the brand's cellar master, Christophe Valtaud.

Valtaud.jpg (original size)Christophe Valtaud | Photo: Courtesy of Martell

Being an authority figure in the cognac industry, Valtaud was kind enough to share 12 tips on how to better appreciate good cognac, like the new Cordon Bleu Extra, with us.

Here's what we learned: Infographic-Final.jpg (original size)

A different expression of the iconic Corden Bleu, the Extra uses a generous portion of very old Borderies spirits to give the new cognac a sensual, smooth and intense candied fruit aroma. 

Martell-Cordon-Bleu-Extra---bottle-70cl-packshot-aside-cut-out-HD_large.jpg (original size)The new Cordon Bleu Extra | Photo: Courtesy of Martell

Valtaud goes on to note the true richness of Martell cognac is that the brand understands, respects and valorises the diversity of ways to enjoy their cognac. 

Part of appreciating cognac also comes by learning what went into making that bottle. The next time you decide to pop open a bottle to enjoy with good company, do a quick search on Google or ask your local bottle seller about its background. 

You may find that learning about how much thought and effort went into making a bottle of cognac might make you taste and see the amber spirit in a new light.

Pairing cognac and Malaysian food? Yes, that's possible. 


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