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Drinks Moët & Chandon And Yoon Ahn Of Ambush Come Together For A Good Cause

Moët & Chandon And Yoon Ahn Of Ambush Come Together For A Good Cause

Yoon Ahn of AMBUSH
Yoon Ahn of AMBUSH (Photo: Moët & Chandon)
By Crystal Sam Rodriguez
March 26, 2021
Korean-American fashion designer Yoon Ahn has been called upon to design a limited edition bottle for the storied French champagne house

For its first ever international collaboration, Moët & Chandon has taken a bold step forward in partnering with Yoon Ahn, co-founder and creative director of the fashion label AMBUSH. A rising star among a new generation of designers, Ahn is recognised for her pioneering spirit as a “rule breaker” and her profound respect for time-honoured traditions of craftsmanship—traits she shares in common with the French champagne house. 

As creative director of one of the hippest streetwear brands, Ahn’s disruptive creativity brings a breath of fresh air to the Maison Moët & Chandon. “It was a great challenge given its recognisable and iconic codes, but I also saw it as a great opportunity to bring my own aesthetics to this iconic champagne,” says Yoon.

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Yoon Ahn redesigning Moët Imperial
Yoon Ahn redesigning Moët Imperial

Ahn was entrusted with redesigning the iconic bottle for Möet Imperial, the House’s signature champagne that has remain unchanged since its creation in 1869. Giving the bottle her signature minimalist spin, she has changed the gold neck of the bottle to a black shade and contrasted it with a pale white label, creating an eye catching contrast. The white label appears almost like a blank slate or an empty canvas, suggesting a window of possibilities for the future.

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Limited-edition Moët Imperial X AMBUSH
Limited-edition Moët Imperial X AMBUSH

Committed to preserving nature and to ensure a bright future for the coming generation, Möet & Chandon will donate a share of profits from the sale of the limited edition bottles to the World Land Trust. The international conservation charity protects natural habitats by supporting local conservation partners to stop the destruction of natural environments. The choice of this charity was made by Ahn who, on a visit to Epernay, witnessed first-hand the devotion of the people at Möet & Chandon to their craft, terroir and nature.

The limited-edition bottle is filled with the House’s signature champagne, which is marked by a bright fruitiness and an elegant maturity. The dominant Pinot Noir is lent texture by the Pinot Meunier and balanced with the freshness of Chardonnay; such blending reflects on the richness and diversity of the vineyards in Champagne.

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