Movies Every Foodie Needs To Watch – Part 1


August 21, 2017 | BY Tien Chew

Feature length films that celebrates the world of food and the dining_tatler_stories of the people in it. Fictional or otherwise.

In our last food related recommended watch guide, we looked at 5 TV series that inspired, amazed and left audiences hungry.

Taking this a step further, we’re going to recommend a list of movies that every foodie needs to see at least once in their lifetime.

[Editor's note: part 2 link at the end.]

These range from silver screen classics to more current documentary films, revolving around cuisines, dishes and characters that will leave viewers hooked, entertained and left wanting more.

Let’s jump right in:


Burnt-IMDB.jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of IMDB

Running time: 1 hour 41 minutes

The Plot
This fictional movie is a tale of a young chef that seemed to have it all yet dooms his career when he gets involved in drugs in an off-screen pre-movie setup. To atone, he sentences himself to shuck 1 million oysters before returning to the world of haute cuisine to finally earn his third Michelin star. This is where the movie begins.

Why You Should Watch It
The charismatic Bradley Cooper plays the rough-around-the-edges protagonist that is fun to watch, especially when he commands a believable aura dressed in chef’s whites. The interactions and relationships he builds with his new team as he takes them to Michelin star levels is also engaging to watch. A great movie to see if you’re interested in the world of fine dining and competitive cooking among talented chefs.

The Trip

The-Trip-2-(IMDB).jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of IMDB

Running time: 1 hour 52 minutes

The Plot
Comedy ensues after the main character, a food critic, accepts an offer from British newspaper The Observer to go on a tour of the finest restaurants and his girlfriend backs out on him. He then resorts to his best friend and two men embark on an epic road trip in north England. 

Why You Should Watch It
Both stars, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon, are successful comedians in their own right and have a great buddy relationship in the movie that extends off-screen. Besides delicious foods that appear at the many restaurants the duo visits, the banter and impersonations these actors offer are too good to pass up.

Jiro Dreams Of Sushi

Jiro-Dreams-Of-Sushi-(IMDB).jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of IMDB

Running time: 1 hour 23 minutes

The Plot
One of the most respected sushi chefs in the world opens up in this cinematic documentary of his world and his constant drive for dining perfection. Jiro Ono owns a small 10-seater sushi bar in Ginza, Tokyo, and the movie gives viewers a rare insight to the life of a sushi master.

Why You Should Watch It
Filmmaker David Gelb does an amazing job capturing the art and devotion sushi chefs have towards their craft. And not just any sushi chef, but a three Michelin star chef that runs what many considers to be one of the best sushi restaurants in the world. The audience will get to learn about Jiro’s culinary philosophy as well as a peek into this life and that of his successors. Oh, and did we mention that viewers will get to see probably the best sushi they will ever lay eyes on without forking out hundreds of dollars?


Chef-(IMDB).jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of IMDB

Running time: 1 hour 55 minutes

The Plot
The movie revolves around a talented chef that gets jaded after an argument with the owner of the restaurant he works at and quits. He tries to see life in a new perspective and starts by opening up a sandwich focused food truck that helps him find his passion for cooking, life and love once again as he travels across America.

Why You Should Watch It
Likeable actor Jon Favreau takes a break from directing and teams up with John Leguizamo and Sofia Vergara for a tale of food and family. Besides the mouth-watering foods that pop up on the show, the story also focuses on a heart-warming tale between a father and son, two best friends and ex-lovers.

The God Of Cookery

The-God-Of-Cookery.jpg (original size)Photo: Courtesy of IMDB

Running time: 1 hour 35 minutes

The Plot
A celebrity chef nicknamed “The God of Cookery” that isn’t as skilful as he advertises himself to be gets caught and finds his business empire in ruins. Losing everything to a rival, he picks himself back up from the streets and begins a humours adventure to reclaim his dignity and title in a final cooking competition.

Why You Should Watch It
The movie features Stephen Chow at his absolute prime, humour and all. His signature over-the-top acting and hilarious storyline will have you laughing and intrigued at the dishes he cooks. Beef balls that can cure the sick? Check. Stephen Chow learning cooking at a Shaolin monastery? Check. Don’t take this movie too seriously and you’ll be in for a good time.

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