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Digest 9 Pasta Places In KL That Will Keep You Coming Back For More

9 Pasta Places In KL That Will Keep You Coming Back For More

By Tien Chew
October 09, 2018
Pasta is unanimously beloved, especially when there's just so much to love. From thin and slurp-worthy angel hair to the layered goodness of lasagna, we've got a roundup of nine great places to go when you just want good pasta.

1/9 Zenzero

Photo: Malaysia Tatler

You can expect fine Italian fare at Zenzero, since it's opened and operated by Italians. The restaurant, and its sister outlet Cicchetti di Zenzero, make their pastas fresh in-house and take considerable dedication to ensuring their noodle dishes taste just as how they like it back home.

2/9 Passione Ristorante Italiano

Photo: Courtesy of 1.Passione Ristorante Italiano

New to the downtown Italian dining scene yet eager to earn a place at the top, Passione specialises in chittara pasta, a special type of egg pasta native to the restaurant's executive chef's hometown in Italy. These noodles have a stronger bite and chewier texture, giving you a good reason to explore favourites once again.

3/9 Bistro Fiore

Bistro Fiore
Photo: Courtesy of Bistro Fiore

A quaint Italian restaurant with an unmistakable Japanese presence, Bistro Fiore is a low-key neighbourhood eatery located at Plaza Damas. Due to its dual identities, pasta lovers can expect noodle dishes like pasta cooked in mentaiko cream sauce and bacon and eggplant arrabiata. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, this place might just scratch that itch.

4/9 Grano Pasta Bar

Grano Pasta Bar
Photo: Courtesy of Grano Pasta Bar

From the same folks at Proof Pizza, Grano at APW shifts the focus from one Italian favourite to another. The restaurant employs the same dedication to their craft, resulting in finely crafted pasta dishes that look, taste and smell good.

5/9 Bella By Big

Bella by Big
Photo: Courtesy of Bella by Big

Authentic and bold are the two best words to describe the pastas at Bella by Big, like their crab pasta served in a roaster garlic and butter sauce. Whether it's ravioli, linguine or capellini, the restaurant makes them fresh in-house and whips it up in a variety of styles that will whet the appetite.

6/9 Strato

Photo: Courtesy of Strato

Located at Troika Sky Dining, Strato puts a focus on pasta and pizza. An emphasis on homemade pastas sets the stage for a variety of culinary delights such as black spaghetti with snow crab leg meat, lobster tomato sauce, garlic crumbs and jalapeño gremolata or an equally delicious wagyu beef cheek tortellini with sage brown butter and fried onion. What are you waiting for?

7/9 DV Ristorante Pizzeria

DV Ristorante Pizzeria
Photo: Courtesy of DV Ristorante Pizzeria

Over at Bukit Damansara, this neighbourhood Italian eatery serves up good pasta dishes despite having the words "pizza" in its title, with our favourites being the lasagna and beef cheek farfalle. With a respectable quality and a fuss-free quiet ambiance, DV Ristorante Pizzeria is a good place to enjoy a slice of Italy without having to brace the downtown jam.

8/9 Pietro Ristorante Italiano

Pietro Ristorante Italiano
Photo: Courtesy of Pietro Ristorante Italiano

A hidden gem situated in Damansara Heights, Pietro Ristorante Italiano offers a nice fine-casual dining ambiance and a healthy menu selection. When it comes to pastas, you can expect a small but focused section of the classics here, such as spaghetti vongole and capellini with white wine, prawns and chillies.

9/9 La Risata

La Risata
Photo: Courtesy of La Risata

For the past two decades, La Risata has amassed a loyal following of Italian food lovers thanks to their pastas and pizzas. With two outlets, one at Ampang and another at Bukit Damansara, the restaurant continues to dish out favourites that please the local palate.


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