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Tastemakers Society Picks: Bryan Loo, CEO of Chatime Malaysia

Society Picks: Bryan Loo, CEO of Chatime Malaysia

Society Picks: Bryan Loo, CEO of Chatime Malaysia
By Malaysia Tatler
November 29, 2013
He's usually associated with Chatime but when it comes to food, what ticks the palate of Bryan Loo?

0- Bryan Loo.jpg - Bryan Loo

Chatime has become a household craving in Malaysia and we have to thank Bryan Loo, CEO of Chatime Malaysia, who brought this delicious franchise over from Taiwan in October 2010, and just won the Ernst and Young Emerging Entrepreneur of The Year 2013 Malaysia Awards for his successful endeavours.

We have all heard and seen Bryan running about town for social events, winning entreprenuerial awards, managing a successful franchise and even appearing in our August 2013 lead story with the stellar Valerie Ong, director of the KIP Group. Most know him as the suave and stylish gentleman who works hard and plays even harder, but do you know what ticks his palate?

We managed to catch up with the busy entrepreneur to probe into his personal foodie adventures, from dining on sparrow stews to his personal favourite Chatime tea and places to eat in Ibiza.


1- Bryan Loo 2.jpg - Bryan LooThe craziest thing you've ever eaten:
Guangdong delicacy, yellow-breasted Bunting (a type of sparrow) stir-fried and in a stew. It’s just something out of my comfort zone. Normally I'm not really an extremely adventurous guy when it comes to food.

Favourite hawker spot in Malaysia?
My current favourite is the char kway teow at New Lane, Macalister Road.

Food that's resminiscent of your childhood?
Perlis Assam Laksa because it’s creamier than other laksa. It’s always been a firm favourite as it brings a lot of childhood memories and warm feelings of being surrounded by family and friends.

Favourite restaurant/cafe to...

  • Bring visitors for mouth-watering Malaysian food:
    Usually I bring them to Madam Kwan for the variety of Malaysian favourites available under one roof.
  • Dine and wine on special occasions:
    Japanese restaurant, Aoyama at Sri Hartamas. My favourite is the lobster chawan mushi. The lobster is fresh and juicy.
  • Unwind with a cup of coffee or tea:
    Chatime, of course! My current favourites from our menu has to be the Chatime Almond Sweet Potato hot drink. The sweet potato has an unforgettable aroma that goes so well with the flavour of almonds. You have to try it to know what I mean.

The furthest you've ever travelled for food:
Ibiza, Spain which was a most recent holiday this year. I went with a big group of friends and we had a great time eating local food, exploring the sights and scenes there.  The trip was a long-awaited holiday for all of us after working hard for the past year.

Favourite restaurants outside of Malaysia:
Restaurante Juan y Andrea, Ibiza where they serve the freshest and most delicious salt-baked sea bass that you’ve ever tasted.


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