Taiwan Becomes Asia's Fourth Most Costly Dining Destination


August 16, 2017 | BY Tien Chew

A survey conducted in Taiwan revealed that the cost of eating out in the country puts it behind Singapore, Australia and South Korea.

Photo: Courtesy of Flickr user Brian Jeffery Beggerly

Those planning their next trip to Taiwan should know that the nation now has the fourth highest cost of dining in the Asia-Pacific, trailing behind Singapore, Australia and South Korea.

The dining_news comes from a MasterCard survey on consumer purchasing priorities conducted last year, revealing that Taiwanese spend an average of NT$7,178 (RM 1,016) a month dining out.

Taiwan-City-2.jpg (original size)
Taipei City | Photo: Courtesy of Pixabay

The results of the survey reported by The Taipei Times also reveals that Singaporeans spend NT$8,427 (RM 1,193), Australians NT$11,970 (RM 1,694.31) and South Koreans NT$11,989 (RM 1,697). 

To put things in perspective, the cost of dining in Taiwan rose 44 percent from the previous year of the survey, which could be attributed to the increase of popularity of fast food, food courts as well as mid-ranged and high-end restaurants.

This comes depite Taiwanese consumers having been reported to have a good amount of knowledge of the eateries they decide to visit beforehand, thanks to online review platforms.

While the report doesn't mention Malaysia's cost of dining, a report by The Edge last August notes that the rising food prices in the country are eating into consumers' spending, leading to an increase of the cost of dining out in the country.

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